Cherry Pop

The Big She

I don't get it! Sure, Clinton's the POTUS (intern-speak for prez of the US), but first and foremost, he's a goofy-looking guy. And things get so ugly with him—just ask Paula. Now, if I were an attention-starved little intern at the White House, I would have saved my big hair-shakes and fuck-me signals for Hillary. Hillary is slim, Clairol-blond, and a hell of a lot smarter than the Bubba. And, I'm willing to bet that she's got a powerhouse of a sexual imagination just waiting to be unlocked. Did you ever see the stylin' photos of her during her college days at Wellesley? The gal knew how to have a good time. Can't you just picture the first lady screaming when you go down on her? Now, there's a story to tell your friends.

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