Cherry Pop

Playing with Lady Di

She died seven months ago, and her pictures are still all over the magazines and tabloids at supermarket racks. Lady Di memorabilia abound—you can get books, dolls, stamps, calendars with the princess as your girl-of-the-month for every month, tiny replicas of her wedding dress, even copies of her will, so that you can fantasize about all that money that someone else had. I'm not a Di follower, but if I were, I would order the limited-edition Diana "Queen of Hearts" doll, available through the Society for the Preservation of History Inc. for $188.95. It's a big price tag, but I'm a big fan of dolls, especially the role playing involved with them. Remember what you did with dolls as a kid, pairing up your Barbies with Kens—or if you were like me, pairing up Barbie with another Barbie (because Mom wouldn't buy me a Ken). Their pointy breasts collided when you pushed their faces together for a Love Boatstyle kiss. Now, with the addition of the Diana doll, there's the ultimate fantasy date to play out. Think, what would your Malibu Barbie and Ken do with the princess who served her people? I envy today's kids.

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