Thanks to all who returned Watchdogs' "Best of Seattle Media" ballot (6/18). We received 108 responses—54 by mail or fax and 54 online. This is


Best of the media

Thanks to all who returned Watchdogs' "Best of Seattle Media" ballot (6/18). We received 108 responses—54 by mail or fax and 54 online. This is not a scientific survey, but the results are illuminating. And the winners....


1. Best daily: The Seattle Times

2. Best non-daily: Seattle Weekly

3. Best neighborhood: Queen Anne News

4. Best local reporter: Geov Parrish, The Stranger

5. Best political reporter: Joel Connelly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer

6. Best investigative reporter: Eric Nalder, Times

7. Best editorialist: Mindy Cameron, Times

8. Best local columnist: Susan Paynter, P-I

9. Best sports columnist: Steve Kelley, Times

10. Best photographer: Betty Udesen, Times

11. Best business writer: Paul Andrews, Times

12. Best features writer: Sherry Stripling, Times

13. Best advice columnist: Dan Savage, The Stranger

14. Best television critic: Kay McFadden, Times

15. Best movie critic: John Hartl, Times

16. Best music critic: Gene Stout, P-I

17. Best art critic: Regina Hackett, P-I

18. Best media critics: Watchdogs, Seattle Weekly


1. Best local news program: Town Meeting, KOMO

2. Best local anchor: Jean Enersen, KING, and Kathi Goertzen, KOMO (tie)

3. Best local reporter: Jim Forman, KING

4. Best investigative reporter: Connie Thompson, KOMO

5. Best sports reporter: Tom Glasgow, Fox Sports Northwest, and Bruce King, KOMO (tie)

6. Best weather person: Harry Wappler, KIRO

7. Best features reporter: (no winner)

8. Best business reporter: Barry Mitzman, KCTS

9. Best political reporter: Brian Johnson, KOMO

10. Best discussion-show host: Ken Schram, KOMO

11. Best hair (male): Dan Lewis, KOMO

12. Best hair (female): Kathi Goertzen, KOMO


1. Best overall station: KUOW-FM

2. Best news/talk station: KIRO-AM

3. Best talk-show host: Dave Ross, KIRO-AM

4. Best folk/roots station: KBCS-FM

5. Best jazz station: KPLU-FM

6. Best rock station: KZOK-AM

7. Best blues station: KPLU-FM

8. Best country station: KMPS-AM

9. Best alternative station: KCMU-FM

10. Best Limbaugh wannabe: John Carlson


1. Best local magazine: Seattle

2. Best local freelance writer: (no winner)

3. Best photographs: Seattle Homes & Lifestyles

4. Best art/design: Seattle Homes & Lifestyles

5. Best local newsletter: Eat the State!

Online/fax service

1. Best local newspaper Web site:

2. Best local Web zine:

3. Best local Web site design:

4. Best local broadcast fax: KIRO Radio News Fax

5. Best local multimedia site:

All around

1. Best local news source: The Seattle Times

2. Best local political news: Seattle Weekly

3. Best local commentary and opinion: Seattle Weekly

4. Best local business news: Puget Sound Business Journal

5. Best local arts and culture news: Seattle Weekly

Best category we didn't include

Alert Watchdogs readers had lots of suggestions, including: "Best shill for liberal causes," "Best right-wing shill," "Best labor news," "Best disk jockey," "Best catalog," "Best ex-local who made it big," and two we should have included but forgot: "Best theater critic" and "Best cartoonist." Maybe next year.

Prize winners

Congratulations to the winners in our random drawing of ballots!

First Prize (brown-bag lunch with Watchdogs): Skip Knox, Seattle

Second Prize (vintage CounterPoint T-shirt): Nobi Kawasaki, Port Orchard

Third Prize (rubber dog-doo toy): Jerry Curtin, Des Moines

John Hamer and Mariana Parks are president and executive director, respectively, of the CounterPoint Center for ReMEDIAtion, an independent nonprofit media think tank, and co-editors of CounterPoint, a media-critique newsletter. Call them at 1-888-306-DOGS or e-mail them at

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