The DNA Decade

O.J.'s blood

Jurassic Park

Thomas Jefferson/Sally Hemmings

cloned calves


Human Genome Project

the dress

Dr. Richard Seed

The Rise of the


Lists of the '90s

Instant Nostalgia issue

The DNA Decade

O.J.'s blood

Jurassic Park

Thomas Jefferson/Sally Hemmings

cloned calves


Human Genome Project

the dress

Dr. Richard Seed

The Rise of the Eastside Decade

Microsoft gazillionaires

Cucina! Cucina!

Modest Mouse

University Village makeover

Eddie Bauer

Kenny G's Breathless goes 12x platinum

"Better check with Redmond"


Nintendo 64

Jennifer Dunn

Kirkland brand toilet paper


Mike Frier road divider

the new Renton

Things that became extinct in the '90s

"independent" films

"grassroots" politics

"most livable" status

Naughty Nineties

Steve's Broiler

Trader Vic's

Penny University

Food Giant

the Dead

busy signals




drug-law reform

health-care reform

education reform

grazing-fees reform

water-rights reform

Teamsters reform

tort reform

the peace dividend

the '60s

affirmative action


black-and-white newspapers

Ross Shafer

tourist-free REI shopping

The Fat Decade

Biggie Smalls


Chris Farley

Drew Carey

Rosie O'Donnell

Monica's thighs

Bill's appetite


Rush Limbaugh

Stuffed-crust pizza

Queen Latifah


Newt Gingrich


fat cigars


Mitchell Rupe

that woman on The Practice

I lost 40 lbs. in three weeks! Ask me how!

Things we can't do anymore on account of the '90s

discharge fireworks

eat at Dag's or the Doghouse

order "a beer" or "a cup of coffee" without being handed a list

expect to retire from


block an intersection

sit on the sidewalk

make noise in Pioneer Square

buy malt liquor in Pioneer Square

live in Belltown on an artist's salary

make fun of "geeks"

play in a band just for fun

watch the Sonics at the Tacoma Dome

complain that there's no place to go out in Seattle

walk cheerfully up Pike Street and expect to be propositioned for sex, drugs, or meat still bearing the Safeway sticker

enjoy yourself in the Apple Theater, the Midtown, or the Downtown

advertise your show on a telephone pole

bring a gun along to your divorce hearing at the King County Courthouse

enjoy a $2 movie at the UA 150

play Hacky Sack in the middle of Pine Street

call anyone for a quarter

read a copy of Eastsideweek

'90s bright ideas


OK Cola

Microsoft Bob

the Newton

Madonna's Sex

S&L bailout

urban villages

the cashmere

hooded sweatshirt


the Newmark Center

Mike James running for Senate

diversity consultants

casual Fridays

Seattle Commons

Contract with America


Brew Your Own Beer

Blow Your Own Glass

zero tolerance

tall cuisine

fusion cuisine

cold fusion

ice beer

clear beer


tattoo removals

silicone implants

silicone-implant removals

silicone implants

collagen injections

condoms in high schools

condoms in junior high schools

Heather Has Two Mommies

celebrity junkies

celebrity blowjobs

celebrity wanking

movies based on comics

movies based on toys

movies based on comics based on toys

hot-talk radio

Hammer time

luxury pickups


penile reattachments

penile implants

the Goodwill Games

"Refuse to Lose"

"Not in Our House"

Asia-Pacific Decade



Nintendo Mariners

Singapore spanking

Vancouver sumo

annual China MFN "debate"

Gov. Gary Locke

Asian fund raising

Judge Ito

Hello Kitty

Jackie Chan

Dalai Lama

Hong Kong handoff

financial collapse


the oral decade

Eddie Murphy

Hugh Grant

milk moostaches

Marv Albert

the big creep

Dick Morris

Anna Deavere Smith

Tommy Lee

giant sucking sound

Kurt Cobain

Very '90s ways to quit this world

firing a postal worker

giving a poor review

to a rap CD

sharing a latte with Nicole

Brown Simpson

paparazzi racing

elementary-school shoot-out

swinging in Walla Walla

Waco BBQ

Camp Four on a cell phone

breathing in the Tokyo subway


mailgram from Lincoln, Montana

landing a plane on Viagra

CBS' prime time

Jumbo Jack washed down with Odwalla

shoplifting at Safeway

scoring an "own goal" against Colombia

Political Miracle Decade

Clinton still president

Saddam still in Baghdad

British monarchy still collecting paychecks

Strom Thurmond still breathing

Carville and Matalin still married

Norm Rice survival of "gunshot"

Newt's rise

Newt's fall

balanced budgets

budget surpluses

Thomas Jefferson makes tabloids

Wag the Dog's timing

Charlie Chong's election

Patty Murray's reelection

Paul Allen's purchase of an election

the Craswells

Luke Esser

Inappropriate Relationship Decade

Bill and Monica

Bill and Paula

Bill and Kathleen

Bill and Gennifer

Bill and Andy

Amy and Joey

Mike and Evander

Mary Kay and whatsisname

Bob Packwood and staff

Mike Lowry and staff

Brock Adams and staff

buttafuoco buttafuoco buttafuoco


Ronald McDonald and kids

Frugal Gourmet and helpers

Pee-Wee Herman and self

Henry Hyde and friend's wife

Anna Nicole Smith and ancient husband


and Anita

Tonya and


Woody and Soon-Yi

Michael Jackson and young friends

Bob Moorehead and congregants

Remake Decade

Lost in Space


The Brady Bunch

The Beverly Hillbillies


George of the Jungle

The Jetsons

The Fugitive

The Avengers


Mission Impossible

Dennis the Menace

Addams Family

Mr. Magoo

Sergeant Bilko

Etc., etc., etc., etc.

The Rugrats Decade

McCaughey septuplets

Chukwu octuplets

Gates Babies


"Baby Got Back"

Baby Spice

"Yeah, baby!"

"Sonics, baby, yeah"


Baby boom echo

Babydoll look

Baby M

Beanie babies

Dancing baby

Fabulous SportsBabe

"Hasta la vista, baby"

Locke babies

"beautiful babies"

crack babies


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