Seattle: a leader in world trade

Instant Nostalgia issue

From fashion to music to movies to food, the Northwest exerted a powerful influence on world culture during the '90s. The very name of our city became a shorthand for artistic ferment, technological innovation, and enlightened consumerism. Cities around the country embraced the $3.50 cup of coffee. Urban professionals began donning expedition-quality hiking boots and jackets for their office jobs. Flannel fashion came to Fred Meyer, while international supermodels cultivated the gaunt, greasy look popularized by Seattle junkies. And on every desktop, computers hummed with Microsoft software. But the cultural transfer did not go in only one direction. Thanks to the efforts of people like Norm Rice, Mariners management, and MTV, we got as good as we gave, and the following table totes up the mutual damage.

What we gave the world

David Guterson

Kennewick man


Sub Pop Singles Club

congressional Neanderthal Steve Largent

Bill Gates' CEO Summit

Pacific Northwest Ballet

Jose Cruz Jr.

healthy Billy Swift

Aaron Brown

Boeing space station

Smoke Signals

Linda Smith

Snow Falling on Cedars

the 777

Bill Nye

REI climbing wall

Seth Warshavsky

Kenny G's Miracles

"simple abundance"

Cameron Crowe

the Sonicare toothbrush

Wenatchee child sex ring

Roslyn's Cafe

Randy Tate



Windows 95

Super Mario

Mr. Lifto

Nile Spice instant soups

The Measure of a Mountain by Bruce Barcott

Magic booster packs

Microsoft Barney

What we got in return

Nora Ephron

Wolfgang Puck

Medical marijuana


Sea Gal trainer Ken Behring

Janet, Lindsay, Nathan, David, Rebecca,

Irene, and Stephen


Paul Spoljaric

nondescript, sore-armed Billy Swift

Lauren Tewes

Italian transit buses

Jerry Springer: Ringmaster

Jeffrey Coopersmith


the Kalakala

Leroy Hood

the stock bubble

Michael Kinsley

Pineapple Banana Cherry Coconut Orbitz

the Seattle Sidewalk Hummer

Nick Broomfield

the wrapp

Old Navy


Linda Evans

Red Dog


TCI cable service

Hammering Man

Ron Reagan

HUD "spot blight" loans

Hartz Mountain Industries

Promise Keepers

Jim McIlvaine

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