It's Sub Pop's universe, we just live in it

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It's easier to hit up Sub Pop for funding than it is to track down Bill Gates. But that still doesn't explain why you can link most labels in town back to the house that Nirvana built. . . .


Releases records by the band This Busy Monster, which was featured on the Halifax/Seattle compilation Four Dots along with Sub Pop act Elevator Through Hell


Owner Stone Gossard was in Green River, whose EP Dry as a Bone was the first Sub Pop release


Co-owned by current Sub Pop employee Rich Jensen and former Sub Pop warehouse employee Chris Takino

Sweet Mother:

First full-length release was distributed by Sub Pop

Rx Remedy:

Founded by former Sub Pop employee Brian Bauer

My Own Planet:

Released record by the Giraffes, a solo pseudonym of Chris Ballew, who played in Presidents of the USA with drummer Jason Finn, whose old band Love Battery recorded for Sub Pop


Used to be distributed by Sub Pop

Collective Fruit:

Released record by Tube Top, which featured Mike Mussberger, who also played with Sub Pop


Releases records by Joel R.L. Phelps, who appears on a Tom T. Hall tribute record released by Sire, the Warner Bros. branch that co-released the new Sebadoh full-length with Sub Pop


Released two full-lengths from the Seattle band Sage, including 7th Standard Rd, which was produced by Steve Fisk, a member of Sub Pop duo Pigeonhed; Sub Pop artist Jeremy Enigk featured on Will's Dream with the Fishes soundtrack

1200 Records:

Founded by DJ Masa, who used to work at the Sub Pop Mega Mart

Tooth and Nail:

Current employee Jason Parker is a former Sub Pop intern; current Sub Pop recording artist Damien Jurado used to work in the mail room at Tooth and Nail


Co-owner Robb Williamson played bass in the band Lucky Me, which worked with Jon Auer of the Posies, who recorded for PopLlama, which also released the debut record by the Walkabouts, who went on to record for Sub Pop; Williamson's brother is Skip Williamson of Will Records, which is also connected to Sub Pop (see other entry)

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It's Sub Pop's universe, we just live in it

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