Seattle Blockbuster International Film Festival?

Cinema Seattle, parent and presenter of the annual Seattle International Film Festival, has been given a $50,000 support grant by Viacom's Blockbuster Video store chain. Only problem is, in exchange they understandably want exclusivity, and some other folks, notably the U District's gourmet video outlet Scarecrow Video, who have supported SIFF for a decade, are bewildered, hurt, and mad as hell.

Sorry, says SIFF producer Darryl Macdonald: "This is a cash-poor organization. We may be non-profit but we don't get support from any of the agencies that support other non-profits like the Corporate Council for the Arts or Washington Commission for the Humanities. Scarecrow pledged us $1000 last year. Blockbuster's putting up fifty times that much. If they want exclusivity, they get it."

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