Bring on the new clubs!

Even though the Gnome's over 21, he'll still have one less club to frequent come October 30. That's when Seattle's all-ages bastion RKCNDY hosts its grand finale with the noisy lineup of Botch, Blood Brothers, Harkonen, and Playing Enemy. As for my young friends, I advise you to find yourself a fake ID or move to Europe (where an 18-year-old can down a beer at McDonald's! Yum!).

That's the bad news. The good news is that local busybody Chris Roberts, who already runs the swanky Alibi Room(s) in Seattle and Vancouver, will soon send a jolt into the already juiced (21-and-over) club scene. Roberts has teamed with ex-Colourbox guy Chris Beno and Sandy Kolbeins of Vancouver's Brickyard to revive the old Weathered Wall space on Fifth Ave. In early October, the group will unveil the rock and dance club I~Spy and the adjoining restaurant Nation. Roberts tells the Gnome that I~Spy will mostly host live music, though there'll be DJ nights as well. They've scored Marc Yevlove to book, he of New York's downtown Continental Club. Also from the same group will be a revived Off Ramp. That's right—the seemingly doomed spot will get a face-lift, and should start hosting live shows by mid-October. Roberts, meanwhile, is finishing up two short films, one with music by sax-man-about-town Skerik, that he hopes to screen at Sundance.

He may want to try TV instead. Tenacious D's Crocodile show last Thursday proved that the quickest way into the hearts of the masses is through a slightly curved screen (or through those neat new flat-screen TVs from Phillips! Don't ya just love those commercials with the hipsters in the beach house who'd rather watch the ocean on TV even though they're right next to the real thing—it's so now). The D's fans arrived early and often, first selling out the Croc, then heckling openers Sunset Valley, then treating portly heroes Jack Black and Kyle Goss as if they were gods. I mean, the Gnome likes the D and their short-lived HBO specials as much as the next guy, but seeing fans holding up arena rock-style banners at the Croc—with lyrics on 'em, no less—made me want to hide under my moldy mushroom away from all the bright lights and howling cable subscribers.

Last week's mention of Gnome "Gettin' it Good" T-shirts elicited nearly the same type of ecstatic response. If you'd like one for yourself, here's your chance: Send your questions or comments to the email below along with your preferred size (M, L, XL), and type (T or baby T), and you'll be entered in a drawing to win. You betcha!

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