Election '99 short sheet

The pint-size particulars on our picks.

Initiative 695 (Cut Car Tabs): NO

Initiative 696 (Ban All Nets): NO

SJR 8206 (State guarantees school bonds): YES

SJR 8208 (Allows investment of state reserves in stocks): YES

King County Charter Amendment No. 1 (Gives County Council power of Referendum): NO

King County Assessor: Scott Noble

King County Council, District 4: Larry Phillips

King County Council, District 8: Greg Nickels

King County Council, District 12: Di Irons (write-in)

Port of Seattle, Position 2: Bob Edwards

Port of Seattle, Position 5: Chris Rayson

Seattle Proposition 1 (Seattle Center/

Community Centers): YES

Seattle Propositions 2-9 (Charter amendments): YES

Seattle Proposition 10 (Eliminate police chief exam): NO

Seattle Proposition 11-13 (Charter amendments): YES

Seattle Proposition 14 (Eliminate oaths of office): NO

Seattle Proposition 15 (Eliminate full

disclosure while amending laws): NO

Seattle City Council, Position 1: Judy Nicastro

Seattle City Council, Position 3: Peter Steinbrueck

Seattle City Council, Position 5: Curt Firestone

Seattle City Council, Position 7: Charlie Chong

Seattle City Council, Position 9: Dawn Mason

Seattle School Board, District 1: Barbara Schlag Peterson

Seattle School Board, District 2: Steve Brown

Seattle School Board, District 3: Nancy Waldman

Seattle School Board, District 6: Barbara Schaad-Lamphere

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