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Holiday fare for the pickiest techie

Cost: $499

Is there anything worse than that beeping-over-static sound your '89 AM alarm clock makes every morning at 6? Especially when you're a tech wizard at the hottest new Internet start-up in town? Time to get with the program, and get yourself the brand-spanking-newest of alarm clocks, the Bose Wave Radio/CD. Thanks to acoustic waveguide speaker technology, which moves air through a chamber within the unit, this little sucker has a tone as clear and perfectly cut as a diamond. Plus it comes complete with a card-size remote control and dual alarms, so you and your significant other (or Internet start-up groupie) can silence Mozart at your own separate times. You can also plug this baby into your TV, VCR, or computer to enhance their sounds. Comes in platinum white or graphite gray. 14"x 8 1/2" x 4 1/2". Where: Levenger catalog, 1-800-544-0880 or

Cost: $199.96

Do away with nasty cat stench and time-wasting litterbox cleanup! Seriously, folks, you'd be insane if you missed out on the opportunity to never touch your cat's feces again. This electric litterbox not only sweeps the poop out of eyesight, it includes a ramp that drags the urine off your kitty's feet before she can reach your plush white carpet! Forget the Internet, the LitterMaid Litterbox is the most innovative technological breakthrough in years! Where: 1-800-LITMAID.

Cost: $125

It's drizzling outside, Sade's on the stereo, your dewey-eyed date's curled up on the couch. . . . All you need is the perfect lighting, and now you've got it: The Luminglass, crafted from fine-quality glass, transforms electric current into a spectacular light display. While your date nibbles on your earlobe, watch lightning dance inside a 12-inch disk of glass less than half an inch thick. You can also control the size and shape of the light show: Create a delicate, spidery tapestry or a dramatic and powerful storm with the easy-to-use controls. Furthermore, your new mood light features a sound-responsive control, so that the light display will follow along to Sade's satin sounds and your date's own song of ecstasy. Where: MIT Museum Shop Catalog, 617-253-4462.

Cost: $26.95

Put an end to annoying whining from your co-workers—give them the FitBall! Soft, resilient, and about 10,000 times more comfortable than any old office chair, the FitBall is the newest in inflatable ergonomic seating options. The science (concentrate hard now, so you don't miss anything): The FitBall forces the computer user to sit up straight, thus ending any chair-induced, lower-back pain. While you're giving away the FitBall, why don't you throw in the FitBall exercise video ($19.95) or the FitBall mat ($10) for at-home exercise? (Or—for the workaholic—after hours in the office.)The FitBall comes in snazzy pearl white, and in three sizes: 55, 65, and 75 centimeters. Where:

Cost: $7.95

It's going to be a cold winter. So cold, in fact, that the poor little mouse attached to your personal computer might just get a bit chilly. Don't be thought of as the cruelest computer owner on the block: Buy your mouse a coat. Your mouse can express itself by donning the costume of either Milly (pink) or Max (brown). Resplendent in whiskers and beady eyes, your mouse will be the talk of the town! Where: The toy section of

Cost: $3

Who says techies are geeks? Geeks, nerds, dorks—those are myths of the past, the inevitable evils of high-school hierarchy. After all, your honey digs your taped glasses, the cute way you button your Izod all the way up, and your tendency to wear white socks with black shoes. Right? Er, probably, but just to be on the safe side, why not flaunt your hipness with a tattoo choker? They're cheap, cool, and from a distance they look like the real thing. But they're not permanent, so when tattoos are so last season and pocket protectors are now, you've got no worries. They also stretch to fit any size, from Pencil Neck to Tech Neck, and they come in brown or black. Whether you're hip, a computer geek, whatever, you're in step with fashion. And although tattoos are static, you—big (wo)man online—are as evolutionary as the microchip. Where:

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