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Your comprehensive guide to every public event— demonstrations, gripefests, teach-ins, riots, and tea parties—concerning the WTO. Since the revolution is live, check our Web site (www.seattleweekly.com) for updates.


Friday, November 26

Saturday, November 27

Sunday, November 28

Monday, November 29

Tuesday, November 30

Wednesday, December 1

Thursday, December 2


Visual Arts Show—Protest with a paintbrush. The Alibi Room will reserve its walls for works expressing concern about the WTO and globalization. The Alibi Room, 85 Pike, 623-3180. 11/26-12/5.

Dramatic Protests—Direct Action Network invites you to make giant puppets meant to put the fear of god into godless businessmen. Actually, that's just one of the many creative strategies DAN has come up with to help people have fun and protest at the same time. Other forms of direct action include playing music, dancing, cheerleading, and street theater. And no, you don't have to plan these activities by yourself. Eager activists can attend DAN's week-long protest workshop. Call for location, call 360-943-9159. They'll charge $0-50 on a sliding scale basis. 11/20-28.

European Union Forums—Representatives from the European Union give Seattle citizens a chance to weigh their concerns about WTO. The EU will also express concerns of its own. The Space Needle; call 352-9020. $35. participants must register by 11/19. Call for dates; 11:30-1:30.

Friday, November 26

Teach-in on Globalization—Can we have one smoothly running global economy in which everyone prospers? Dream on, says the International Forum on Globalization, who will send speakers to Seattle to explain what globalization means and what's wrong with the concept. Speakers include economist Martin Khor, Indian physicist Vandana Shiva, former Harvard business professor David Korten, and economist and writer John Cavanagh. Benaroya Hall; Tickets available through Ticketmaster, 628-0888. Each session has a suggested donation of $5 for students and seniors, $10 others. 11/26 7-10; 11/27 8:30-6:30; 11/28 8-11.

Saturday, November 27

WTO On Trial—A lively enactment of judge and jury hearing the case of WTO and multinational crimes against humanity. Sponsored by the Council on International Public Affairs. King County Labor Temple, 2800 1st Ave, call 212-972-9790. 11/27-28, 9-5.

Inspiring Documentary—Yes, well-organized protests have stopped corporate evil in its tracks, as this documentary shows. Pressure Point tells the story of the successful Montreal blockade of a hotel where smarty-pants types were to attend a conference on the Multilateral Investments Agreement, a not-so brilliant resolution which would have given foreign investors veto power over the laws we pass. The measure received thumbs down all over the world, including Seattle, where our City Council condemned it. Independent Media Center, 1415 3rd Avenue, 11/25 at 7:30. Parlor Room Studio, Direct Action Network, 161 S. Jackson St, 11/27 at 8. Filipino Community Center, 5740 Martin Luther King Way Jr. S, 11/28 at 7. Call 763-9611 for tickets and info.

Sunday, November 28

Solidarity Events—Join anti-WTO activists at the Filipino Community Center for two days of discussions, films, dances, and music. Keynote speakers include Jose Maria Sison, a consultant to the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, and Fatima Burnad, of the Madras Task Force on Rural and Indigenous Women. Films include Pressure Point (see above). Night two of the rally will be a "Solidarity Night" of singing protest songs and dancing resistance dances. Filipino Community Center, 5740 Martin Luther King Jr. Way S, call 722-9372. 11/28-30, Mon 9-9, Tue 9-7, Wed at 6:30

Participatory Workshop—A lesson on the growing divide between rich and poor, brought to you by United for a Fair Economy. Musicians Union Local 76-493, call 910-8296. 11/28, 10-12.

Alternative Scenarios—Creative people realize that the WTO approach to increasing prosperity is hardly the only way to do it. Speakers from all over the world will share with the audience their own blueprints for a richer future. King County Labor Temple, 2800 1st Ave, call 617-226-8687. 11/28, 1-5:30.

Women Against WTO—Keep in mind that a disproportionate number of the wage slaves the WTO may seek to oppress are females, so women everywhere should demand that the organization take economic justice seriously. These speakers come from Mexico, Brazil, Bangladesh, and other far away lands. Lesbian Resource Center, 2214 S. Jackson, call 322-2168. 11/28, 2-4.

The WTO and War—One angle you may not have thought about: When corporations can use the WTO to rule the world, they can also pressure militaries to silence dissenting civilians. Peace workers are gravely worried about an unchecked WTO and will explain why at this forum. Hildebrand Hall, Plymouth Congregational Church, 1212 6th Ave, call 547-0952. 11/28 2:30-4.

WTO on TV—Steven Shrybman, cofounder of the west Coast Environmental Law Association, will explain the WTO decision that killed part of our Clean Air Act. Seattle Public Access channel 29. 11/28, 6-7.

Cancel Poor Countries' Debt—Religious leaders have little patience with International Monetary Fund policies that punish citizens of poor countries for their poverty. Jim Wallace will preach on the subject at this ecumenical worship service. St. James Cathedral, call 625-9790. 11/28 at 7:30.

Welcoming Party—The Nonviolent Action Community of Cascadia welcomes activists to celebrate and resist with reggae, hip-hop, and hard core music, and subversive theater. Museum of History and Industry, call 547-0952. 11/28, call for time.

International Youth Peace Week—For the fourth year in a row, peace-minded youth come together to talk about pacifist issues and educate the public. Obviously, the WTO will be a hot topic among participants. To find out how to get involved, call 800-975-9688.

Monday, November 29

Trade and the Environment Series—Topics will include sea turtles and genetically engineered foods. Speakers will include Alan Simpson, British MP, and Maritta von Koch-Weser, Director General of the World Conservation Union. Plebeians who did not send off to Geneva for WTO accreditation will have to get a guest pass to attend these lectures, or to attend any event at Renaissance Madison Hotel during the conference. Renaissance Madison Hotel, 515 Madison Ave, susan.weuste@yale.edu for information. 11/29-12/3 ; 8-9 :30.

European Perspective on WTO—Presented by the Finnish American chamber of Commerce. The Space Needle, call Linda Cassee to register at 352-9020 by 11/19. 11/29

Global Environment and Trade Study—

Polite talks on ways the WTO might be persuaded to see eye-to-eye with environmentalists. Renaissance Madison Hotel, East Room, 515 Madison Ave, contact Susan Weuste at susan.weuste@yale.edu. 11/29-12/3; all sessions 8-9:30am.

Health and the Environment—A tribunal of international leaders will take leave of their cocktail parties and palm greasing sessions to discuss environmental and health issues with the rest of us. First United Methodist Church, 811 5th Ave, enquiries@wto.org. 11/29, 9-12.

Sea Turtle Brigade—Animal lovers from Friends of the Earth, Sierra Club, Humane Society, and Animal Welfare Institute will march on the Convention Center with their pneumatic pals, a 35 foot inflated earth balloon and about 200 sea turtles. The march begins at United Methodist Church, call 297-9460. 11/29, 12-1.

Global Trade Unions—Panels of labor leaders will speak on the need for international trade unions. Town Hall, 1119 8th, call the United Steel Workers of America at 770-9044. 11/29, 2-4:30.

Chain-link Friends—The Washington Association of Churches invites you to join a human chain protesting poor countries' debt obligations to the International Monetary Fund. The chain will form around the new exhibition center between the Kingdome and Safeco Field. First there will be a rally and interfaith service at First Methodist Church, where Sweet Honey in the Rock will perform. First Methodist Church, call 625-9790 for information. 11/29. Service begins at 4:30; chain forms at 7:30 (bring a flashlight).

People's Gala—Featuring the Michael Moore of "Roger and Me" fame, not the Michael Moore who heads the WTO. Hosted by the Citizens Trade Campaign, the Body Shop, and United Steelworkers of America. Key Arena, call 770-9044. 11/29 at 7.

The WTO and the Media—Communications workers worry that corporate hegemony will interfere with freedom of the press. Seattle Labor Temple Room 6, 2800 First Ave, call 441-8510. $3-5 donation. 11/29, 7:30.

Tuesday, November 30

Mass Nonviolent Direct Action—This is the illegal march that radical lefties have planned. It will be led by Carl Pope of the Sierra Club and will ultimately merge with the AFL-CIO's legal march. This bunch will block intersections, and hopefully access to buildings where the dignitaries plan to meet. Ultimate goal: shut down the WTO. It begins at Victor Steinbrueck Park, call Direct Action Network at 632-1656. 11/30 at 7am.

Teach-In—How can the WTO, as currently structured, obey the provisions of the fifty-year-old Declaration of Human Rights? First United Methodist Church, 811 5th Ave, pdhre@aol.com for information. Registration forms available at www.pdhre.org. 11/30; 8am-9pm.

Eco-March—Join Sierra Club Executive Director Carl Pope at this preparation for the Big March (see below). Denny Playfield, Denny and Westlake, RSVP to Kathleen Casey, Sierra Club, 378-9114 ext 306. 11/30 at 8:30.

Labor Rights and Living Standards—The link between the two is obvious to most of us, but not, apparently, to the corporations that might use the WTO to squash labor laws. First United Methodist Church, 811 5th Ave, marianne@citizen.org. 11/30, 8:30-12.

The Big March—This is the legal march sponsored by the AFL-CIO. Protest leaders are forecasting attendance in the tens of thousands. Leaves Memorial Stadium, circles through downtown, call 448-4888. 11/30, 10:30-3.

The Power of Prayer—Prayer gatherings within eyesight of delegates leaving the Convention Center each evening. Earth Justice Ministries planned the gathering. It's up to you to come up with your own creative prayer or ritual. Anywhere near Convention Center where the suits can see you, call 831-440-9249 for further details. 11/30-12/3, 5:30-6:30.

Star-Studded Debate—Ralph Nader, king of the Greens, faces off Scott Miller, executive of bunny-killing powerhouse Proctor and Gamble. This savage debate on the WTO is brought to us by leftist rag The Nation. Seattle Town Hall, 1119 8th Ave, call the International Forum on Globalization at 415-771-3394 for information. 11/30, 7-8:30.

Worker Walkout—The WTO is in town! Everyone take the day off! Kids too! Tell your boss/child's teacher that you were participating in the "Citywide Worker and Student Walkout" called for by the WTO protesters. Actually, don't tell them anything. They'll be taking the day off, too, and won't notice you're gone. 11/30, all day.

Wednesday, December 1

Women Confront the WTO—This all-day event features workshops, lectures, and activities to teach you just how very dire the WTO rulings could be for oppressed women around the world. United Methodist Church, 811 5th Ave, contact Alexandra Spieldoch, aspieldoch@coc.org. 12/1, 8:30-5:30.

No Patents On Life—A lesson on the biotechnology community's attempts to patent gene sequences and control crop seeds. Plymouth Congregational Church, 6th and University, call 543-9037. 12/1, 9-5.

Create Your Own Action—If the crowd is wielding puppets, you can wield live ferrets. If the crowd is singing songs of struggle, you can dance the jig of justice. This workshop might give you some ideas of what other audacious actions you could undertake on your own. Musicians' Union, 3rd Ave and Cedar Street, 910-8296. 12/1, 10-12.

African Day Business Forums—Briefings and chats on the African American business community. Congressman Jim McDermott is one of the invited speakers. Seattle University, Campion Tower and Piggott Hall, call 956-3138. 12/1, 11-6.

March to the Docks—The revolution heats up with United Steelworkers' march to Seattle docks in protest of the job loss that occurs when companies move overseas in the name of free trade. Steelworkers say there should be no new round for the WTO. Leaves from United Methodist Church, 811 5th Ave, call 770-9044. 12/1 at 2.

Genetically Modified Organisms—If injecting tomatoes with human genes sounds to you like a scene from a horror flick, you're not alone. Concerned scientists and biologists will tell explain the problems GMO's already have caused consumers and will cause in the future. For example, one primary victim of genetic engineering is the earth's ecology, which runs pretty smoothly according to nature's genetic blueprints but gets awfully confused when our bioengineers step in. Participants will include the Reverend Jesse Jackson and Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Bell Harbor Convention Center, call 785-1950. 12/1, 2-5.

Taking the Message to Your Campus—One dilemma progressive college students universally encounter is the difficulty of persuading their apathetic peers to take a stand on anything. But there are plenty of successful campuswide actions; all you need is a little training to learn how to bring those about. All students and young activists should take a break from WTO protesting to attend this workshop, the goal being that what you learn in Seattle will invigorate the slackers back at your school. Labor Temple Hall, 2800 1st Ave, call Doug at Campus Green Vote at 256-6429.12/1, 3-6.

Getting Your Message Into the Media—This workshop will teach you how to inject some alternative viewpoints into a mainstream media that celebrates greed and fluff. Musicians Union, 3rd and Cedar, call 910-8296. 12/1, 3-5.

Multi-Media Awareness—A brand new club called I-SPY hosts a multi-media event to create awareness about the WTO. I-SPY, call 374-9492. 12/1 at 5.

Celebration—Pause briefly from your arduous protests to celebrate the rebirth of progressive activism. Music by local folk songster Jim Page and theater by Human Nature Theater Company. And, because you deserve it, free food and beer! United Methodist Church, 811 5th Ave, call Sam at 415-383-4314. 12/1, 5-10.

Indigenous People's Forum—Reception, panel discussion, and cultural presentation. Seattle University Piggott Auditorium, call Tom Goldtooth at 218-751-4967. 12/1 at 6.

Farmer's Meeting—Farmers, farm groups, and peasant networks from around the world will meet. Best Western Executive Inn, 2301 8th, nritchie@iatp.org. 12/1 at 6:30-9.

Human and Environmental Costs of International Trade—What are all the costs? Speakers include David Korten, founder of the People-Centered Development Forum, and Vandana Shiva, founder of the research Foundation for Science, technology and Ecology. UW Kane Hall Room 130, call The Progress Project at UW School of Public Affairs, 543-4900. 12/1 at 7.

Voices From the South—Workers from the global South come to Seattle to explain their frustrations with and opposition to free trade. Garfield Community Center, 23rd Ave and Cherry St, call 325-5494. 12/1, 7-10.

Thursday, December 2

Trade Vs. Environment—Even free traders profess to be nervous about the WTO's impact on the environment. The Seattle Host Organization (which is hosting the dignitaries, not the protesters) sponsors this four panel discussion. Bell harbor Conference Center, Pier 66, Alaskan Way, call 770-3150. 12/2, 9-5.

Trade, the Americas, and WTO—A pro-free trader's take on WTO and on trade between the Americas, featuring a trade education exhibition and panel discussions. The Seattle Center, call Therese Kunzi-Clark with the King County Office of Trade at 296-7421. 12/2, 10-8.

Food and Agriculture Day!—It's time for family farmers to take back the land. All day there will be informative lectures on food safety, agribusiness, genetic engineering and other topics of interest to anyone who likes to eat. From 12:30-1:30 there will be a rally at Victor Steinbrueck Park to support family farms. The celebrity appearance there will be that of Jim Hightower, easygoing former Texas Commissioner of Agriculture whose radio show is a foil for the Limbaugh program. Events take place all over downtown, e-mail Renske at rvanstaveren@iatp.org to get the skinny. 12/2, 8:30am-10pm.

India , Trade Opportunities, and WTO—Reception and dinner for people who take a more favorable attitude toward free trade than what you'll find in the streets. Congressman Jim McDermott has been invited to speak. University Plaza Hotel, e-mail Jagdish Sharma at jagdish.p.Sharma@boeing.com. 12/2, 6:30-10.

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