Cost: $399.95

So you've always had l'urge to be an artiste, but you've been too complacent to do anything about it. Sure, you've pictured yourself


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Four legs, two boots, and many colors

Cost: $399.95

So you've always had l'urge to be an artiste, but you've been too complacent to do anything about it. Sure, you've pictured yourself as the Renoir of Renton, the Manet of Madison, but instead of a paint set you find yourself buying Monet postcards and the occasional Degas desk calendar. Life is short, you're getting older, and you'll only remember the exact play of light in that downtown alley for so long. So why not add The Winsor & Newton Westminster Watercolor Set to your wish list? It's a top-of-the-line set that will transform you from a fan d'Impressionisme into an experienced watercolorist. This beautiful mahogany box contains 20 tubes of Winsor & Newton Artists' Watercolors, a Bijou Box of six Artists' Half Pans, three Series 7 Kolinsky sable brushes, a wash brush, pencils, and other accessories. Now if you could only remember the location of that alley . . . Where: Daniel Smith, 800-426-6740 or

Cost: $109

Any Star Wars lover would kiss your feet in return for this amazing LEGO Droid Developer Kit. First, young Jedi will begin training by consulting the CD-ROM building instructions, followed by the building and programming of R2-D2 and L-3GO. Once they've mastered those rare Jedi skills, they can build their dream creatures out of the 652 LEGO pieces this fantastic kit contains. Maybe you'll like this gift too much to give away—and we certainly don't blame you. Where: LEGO, 800-453-4652.

Cost: $75

The ski slopes are looming high above you, and you're just about to slip into your cozy ski or snowboard boots—cozy except for the icicles lining the insides! Sure, your feet will warm up after you've buckled in and gone on one or two runs, but until then your toes will be screaming in pain. Treat your feet to the SNAP Dry Boot Dryer. This ingenious invention is small enough to fit inside most boots and shoes, and even plugs into your car's lighter! The ski season just got better. Where: L.L. Bean, 800-221-4221 or

Cost: $59.50

Don't you think your pooch deserves more than those grimy plastic chow and water bowls you've been making her slurp out of for the past 15 years? I do, and so does Peppermint, who's oh-so-tired of the farting, the bloated stomachs, and the cramps. She wants a High Style Dog Feeder, the kind that promotes healthful digestion by reducing the amount of air taken in during eating. It also puts less stress on her poor little shoulders and neck—all arthritic thanks to years of sudden jerks on the leash while poor Peppermint was only trying to do her business (a difficult task, thanks to those damn plastic bowls). The feeder is crafted of native pine and painted by hand, with a pair of removable stainless steel bowls. You can even personalize the feeder with Peppermint's name or initials on a brass plaque for $5 more. Where: Orvis, 800-541-3541 or

Cost: $31

Wondering where this gift guide's name came from? The answer—silly moose—is Dr. Seuss. If ya like rhymes like that, poetic rat, buy a Cat in the Hat Tea Set. But if you don't like tea (or chai, or a latte), try a Seussian picture frame, or maybe a game. Instead of red socks, surprise your sis with a jewelry box; while you're there, it's only fair to pick up a puzzle cup for your favorite little pup. Don't be a grinch, go ahead and binge (OK, that's not quite a rhyme). All these you can find (and I'm not talkin' outta my behind) at, your all-things-Seuss-source, of course, you horse.

Cost: $8.95

Is all that commuting getting your loved ones down? Zap a little sunshine into your car-bound pals' lives—give them the gift of hula! Hula Girl, or her wiggling cohort, Hula Guy, will jiggle the morning commute away while strumming on their tiny ukuleles. That one hour commute on I-90 will feel like mere moments when your friends gaze lovingly into their hula pals' eyes. Just think how cool and retro your friends will look driving along in their black Jettas, singing along to 107.7, and tickling their wiggling Hula Girl's belly. Where: Archie McPhee, 3510 Stone Wy N, 545-8344, or order directly from 425-745-0711.

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