WTO finale

For you party animals who just can't get enough activism.

WTO and Beyond—In this finale to the WTO's "Agriculture Day," small farmers and land reform activists will enumerate their goals. Market Theater at Pike Place Market; e-mail Thomas Forster at tforster@rockisland.com. 12/2, 5-6.

Tableau: 100 for 100—Starvation seems unfathomable to many spoiled Seattle citizens. But if we're going to have a global economy, we better wake up to the reality that parents all over the world are watching their kids waste away for lack of food. It's time to get serious. What can 100 influential people do in 100 days to make global powers more responsive to Third World starvation? A group of 100 thinkers will tackle that question before a public audience. Town Hall, 8th and Seneca; e-mail Chef Tom at cheftom@tableauinc.com. 12/2, 6:30-10.

Dismantling the WTO—Sorry, folks, but the all the puppets and street theater in the world isn't going to frighten the WTO out of existence—come next week the beast will still be on the prowl. But if you're interested in banishing it permanently from this universe, come to this meeting about forming an effective coalition to do just that. 165 Valley Ave N; call Dvora Slavin at 766-9686. 12/2, 7-10.

Corporate Accountability: Who Rules?—A public forum on the tyranny of Corporate America. Featuring David Korten of the People-Centered Development Forum. Gesthemane Lutheran Church, 9th and Stewart; e-mail Tony Clarke at tclarke@web.apc.org. 12/3; 12:30-8:30.

Benefit For Direct Action Network—Show some gratitude to the people who made the shutting down of Seattle possible. They slaved to make giant puppets and put their lives on the line to block traffic so that you ingrates could raise hell on the streets or enjoy the spectacle from afar. Now it's time to give back by dancing the night away to live bands for a reasonable admission charge. The Parlour Room, 161 S Jackson St (in Pioneer Square); call Danny at 525-7095. $5-$10 sliding scale. 12/2, 8-12.

US Cuba 2000 Conference—Is it time to end the US economic blockade against Cuba? If you haven't made up your mind on the subject, you surely will at the end of this three-day conference. It will cover issues ranging from proposed legislation to food and medicine exports. Every inch of Cuba's society will be examined, from the role of women to labor conditions to religious freedoms. Cuba, by the way, has captured the fancy of many a Hollywood star. Conference participants should keep their eyes peeled for Harry Bellafonte, Danny Glover, and Ed Asner. Seattle Center Pavilion A, 305 Harrison St; call the National Network on Cuba at 313-561-8330 to get a registration form. You MUST fill out a form and send $40 to attend, so hop on it when you finish reading this sentence. 12/4-6.

Nelson Mandela—South African leader Nelson Mandela and his wife Grace Machel will fly in just about the time WTO-mania is dying down. They will be here for three days attending everything from a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation function to classes in Central Area grade schools. But John Q. Public's only opportunity to see them will be at a welcome ceremony at Boeing Field. You'll have to stand outside and see him from afar, by the way. The hangar will be full of schoolchildren. Call 425-602-7000. 12/8 at 9:30.

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