WTO Incidents

Report Police Misconduct to the ACLU

The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington is closely monitoring police treatment of WTO protesters and residents of Seattle. We are looking for incidents of police action against citizens that have occurred during the WTO conference.

We need personal reports of any of the following activities - if they happened to you or if you were a witness:

Unprovoked physical aggression by police: shoving, kicking, hitting with billyclubs, overly forceful restraint

Use of pepper spray, tear gas, CS gas, shots of rubber bullets against non-violent protesters or onlookers either without warning or in excess

Being pursued or chased by police when trying to flee or disperse

Encountering any of these activities as a bystander or within an area that is NOT a designated "no-protest zone"

Mistreatment while jailed in connection with WTO protests

Or other unreasonable restrictions on your civil liberties

We need details on what happened to you or what you witnessed. Please contact the ACLU of Washington right away by accessing our web site at www.aclu-wa.org.

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