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Jumbo Savings

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Red Delicious Apples


1410 E John/Capitol Hill

empty acreage, Volkswagen-sized carts, clean floor,


Paper or plastic?

A guide to local grocers.

First Impressions

Customer Profile

Jumbo Savings

Distinctive Offerings

Checkout Line Temptations

Red Delicious Apples


1410 E John/Capitol Hill

empty acreage, Volkswagen-sized carts, clean floor, no Starbucks!

harried dads with small, runny-nosed kids

4-lb bag of navel oranges, $1 with Club Card

Wells Fargo Express (open Sundays!), video rental, wall o' doughnuts (38 cents apiece), huge public bathrooms, Tax One tax preparation area

candy, kids' toothbrushes

2 lbs, $1

Madison Market

600 E Madison/Capitol Hill

like being inside an earthenware pot, earnest and serene, at one with the universe

androgynous singles with bike helmets, hemp clothing, backpacks, piercings

annualized, co-op membership is just 6 cents a day!

"Demo Dude" cooking demonstration area; do-it-yourself bulk grains; customer service counter with plug-in fountain; espresso and deli; bottle-yourself herbal remedies; freedom to browse through latest Deepak Chopra books

incense, lip balm, Shambhala Sun, Vegetarian Times

$1.69/lb (organic)

Red Apple

2301 S Jackson/Central

in minimall with Army/Navy recruiter and temp agency, loud R&B

Rainbow Coalition, well-dressed seniors on their way home from church

green beans, 48-oz Crisco for $1.88

lottery tickets, bonsai sale display, pi� candy, wicker baskets of apples, deli with enticing macaroni and cheese, Mexican and Asian aisles, wide variety of greens

Little Tree car fresheners, Black Family, Tootsie Roll pops

99 cents/lb

Admiral Thriftway

2320 42nd SW/W. Seattle

sign advertising specials on Chateau Neuf de Pape and mussels

the cast of Frasier— in fleece

take-away Blue Plate Special (ham and biscuit dinner), $5.99

"The Kiosk" cooking demonstration area; chest-high produce; salad bar with fountain; truffles ($41.87/oz!); sushi bar; espresso-juice-tea-pastry bar; cigars

Fran's chocolates, breath mints, shortbread

88 cents/lb

Trader Joe's

100 W Galer/Queen Anne

small, crowded aisles; in-house brand reigns; shrink-wrapped produce

under-40 single male oenophiles in baseball caps

animal crackers, $1.99/454g

exotic frozen foods (sorbet-filled lemon and orange skins); half the store devoted to wine; comprehensive, J. Peterman-esque catalog to browse for specials

soy protein powder, zinc lozenges, bulbous soup cans

2lbs, $1.59


716 N 34th/Fremont

center of the natural-food universe; metal tubs of organic apples; politically correct

quietly intense bearded people, animists, Wicca priestesses

hard-boiled egg, 50 cents

sit-down area with espresso, newspapers, bus routes, bulletin board; fresh soups; beauty supplies; hemp clothing; vitamin alley; BBQ tofu; the reassurance that your shopping does not oppress the indigenous peoples of the Third World

Sea Kayaker, Fine Woodworking, Ricola lozenges, Odwalla bars

79 cents/lb (organic)

Fred Meyer

915 NW 45th/Ballard

airplane hangar; where's the food?; cartoon fruits and veggies

blue-collar families in parkas

10-lb bag of Russet potatoes, 58 cents

Washington Mutual branch, Starbucks, Vista Optical, stamps, ticket outlet, Western Union, 16 checkout lanes, demo area, sushi bar, individually lit shelves

52-piece First Aid Kit ($4.99), Easy Knitting, phone cards

89 cents/lb


3920 Stone Wy N/W'ford

down-and-out; a relic of late-night beer runs past

older women, empty nesters, panhandlers (outside)

three large yellow onions, 72 cents with Club Card

Caffe D'Arte espresso cart outside, two parking lots, outside benches

The Star, The National Enquirer, gum

50 cents/lb


6900 E Green Lake Wy

Radio broadcast of Seahawks game blaring over PA system

friendly septuagenarian shoppers from nearby senior center

gallon of milk, $1.29

handsomely designed private label canned fruits and vegetables; whole, farm-raised steelhead; Quick-Fixin' Ideas take-away products; chocolate and real cigars

Family Circle, Children's Orthopedic Hospital calendars

79 cents/lb

Whole Foods

1026 NE 64th/Roosevelt

produce, produce, everywhere; the nagging suspicion that Martha Stewart would shop here

Volvo-driving, U-Dub professor couples with golden retrievers tied up out front


espresso and juice bars, deluxe deli departments, bakery, gratuitous olive bar, spectacular cheese island, vast restrooms, overwhelming newness, permissive atmosphere for sampling

sensory overload makes it impossible to notice

$1.19/lb (organic)

Larry's Market

10008 Aurora N/n. end

giant corrugated tin shed—where's the entrance?

sweatsuits and cell phones; multiplex riffraff

four bags of Tim's Cascade chips, $5

orange juicer, Lotto, produce section the size of a minimall, immersion bath to chill wine, dozens of varieties of chutney

chocolates—Fran's, Godiva, Dilettante; caramel popcorn



University Village

the mecca; a pavilion of lights in a sea of SUVs

UW frat row meets apr賭ski Laurelhurst

eight rolls of Bounty paper towels, $5.99

pharmacy, H䡧en-Dazs, Cinnabon, Noah's New York Bagels, Juvenescence Juice, Starbucks, natural food section (wooden floors), Quality Fun Center (babysitting), Parent Information Exchange (bulletin board), Convenience Center (Lotto, cigars), Bank of America, floral section, fireplace seating area, cell phone kiosk

Women's World, Sunset, Cosmopolitan, candles, Pez

99 cents/lb


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