Take it or leave it

What's hot and what's not, according to those in the know.

Michele Alexander

regional beauty director, Nordstrom

Take it: Faces that shine and shimmer with a healthy glow (oranges, peaches, corals); strong color; return to feminine beauty; cooler, translucent tones on the face (rose, lavender, lilac); sheer fabrics

Leave it: Matte makeup; "the neutral '90s"; complicated makeup

James Todd

artistic director, Gene Juarez Salon, downtown

Take it: Long curly hair; Charlie's Angels styling and short to mid-length shapes; layers; shag-like shapes; "think postmodern Jane Fonda"; hand-painted highlights; blondes becoming brunettes; more natural makeup—flushed cheek, glossy lip, anything in tangerine or apricot

Leave it: Long, long, ironed straight hair; barrettes and claw clips; obvious striping and superhigh contrasting colors; dark lip liner; too much foundation and obvious tanning

Nina Ummel

owner, Ummelina Day Spa

Take it: Ritual; tea spas; bookstores; home sweet home; candles; luxurious bathing, complete with salts, rubs, oils, and mud

Leave it: Routine; smoky, crowded bars; quick, no-frills showers

Lorali Downes

owner, Eyes on Fremont

Take it: "Ovals have died out."

Leave it: Plastic and colorful frames; lots of bright colors and two-toned/sided glasses; lenses with a more squared shape; bow-tie glasses

Carol Steele

Northwest fashion director, Nordstrom

Take it: Brighter, vibrant shades; ruffles, floral prints, sheer fabrics = more feminine look; oversized and colored python and crocodile prints; accessories, from shoes to handbags to beads; must-haves: "a feminine, flirty dress; python print jeans in a stretchy fabric; a pair of high, sexy, strappy sandals, and a killer handbag. The key thing is embellishment; vivid colors, exotic prints, beads, and lots of layers."

Leave it: Leopard prints

Walter Jager

head colorist, Marco's Salon

Take it: "Reds, chocolate browns, and soft blondes. Think Renee Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair."

Leave it: "Color that is chunky, or overly blonde, like Kirstie Alley's awful streaks in Veronica's Closet—tragic!"

Michael Porter

fitness director, Seattle Athletic Club

Take it: Functional fitness; exercise that is related to everyday activities, such as walking, treadmills; Pilates, yoga, triathlons

Leave it: Less "choreographed" activities; moving away from extreme sport

Rachel Steinberg and Kelli Fitzsimmons

Nine West, Northgate

Take it: Pony hair; snake and crocodile prints; square toe

Leave it: Leopard print; chunky platform shoes; pointed toe

Andrew Burkhardt

Seattle Models Guild and fashion designer

Take it: Color; ornamentation; "an element of luxury to the wardrobe"

Leave it: The minimalist look of the '90s; "dark, urban chic"

Amy Rowe

manager, Anthropologie, U Village

Take it: Feminine and flirty; lots of color, plenty of skin; "think salsa"; the Western look, with patterns, layers, and fringes; dangly earrings

Leave it: "The urban butch thing"; Capri pants


Rudy's, Belltown

Take it: The rooster and the fin

Leave it: The buzz cut and American crew

Aaron Park

sales clerk, Fantasy Unlimited, downtown

Take it: Glam rock; PVC and vinyl with animal prints (zebra!); synthetic furs; pyramid spikes; leather; "tons of bracelets"

Leave it: Fetish

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