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Something very strange happened today. Not only did I discover one of the hippest feel-good bands of the new millennium, but I learned something new in the process. Papas Fritas is Spanish for french fries. I'm sure you already knew that. I'm sure you know thousands of Spanish words, but like an idiot I took German in high school. The only thing I can remember are dozens of swear words and the phrase "Ich Liebe die Kuh," which I believe means, "I love the cow," though I could be wrong. It's also the name of your new favorite band. No, not the band "I Love the Cow"; I think they're a death metal band out of Spokane. The band I'm talking about is known as "French Fries" in English, and they are your new favorite band. For us non-Spanish speaking music fans, think of Papas Fritas as standing for "Pop has freed us" and save yourself from the confusing world of translation. (I first announced on the air that Papas Fritas was French for giant sausage.) The amazing new record from this Boston trio, Buildings and Grounds (Minty Fresh), surely has freed us. I haven't figured out from what. I assume it saves us from the tiresome pop acts that pollute our airwaves. The third track, "Way You Walk," is one of the catchiest songs I have heard in years. I don't know if it's a dance hit or a pop hit, but it sits right on the edge of being either the friendliest song that never made it on commercial radio or the greatest song that most people have never heard.

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