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For those of you who long for the carefree days of '80s indie-synth-rock, I have the album for you. It's by Trembling Blue Stars, a band headed by Bob Wratten (ex-Field Mice and Northern Picture Library, in case you've ever heard of 'em). The Field Mice's amazing third album, Broken by Whispers, is God's gift (actually Sub Pop's) to all of us begging for the return of the OMD ballad, the Psychedelic Furs' emotion-soaked love anthem, or one of the many John Hughes film title-tracks (which all seem to have been done by Simple Minds). I only wish I could recapture the love I had for Molly Ringwald—sweet Molly and her sweet red hair—the way that Trembling Blue Stars recapture the music, and yet without copying the sound of any one '80s band or mentioning any of the Brat Pack members. The songs are a lovely take on melancholy pop, and they're even more effective because they steer clear of the whole Judd Nelson problem. Have you seen Judd Nelson? What the hell happened to turn him into such a fat bastard? Rob Lowe rebounds from getting caught in a hotel room with two minors to become a believable White House aide on TV, but Judd? Judd goes from trim, hip rebel to Brooke Shields' bitch on that god-awful TV show, and that is no place for a Breakfast Club member to be. Andre Agassi, yes, Breakfast Club member, no. And don't even get me started on the steroid-popping Anthony Michael Hall. That guy is gigantic! That freak could now take on Emilio Estevez, coach of the famous fighting Mighty Ducks in the movie and its 14 sequels.

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