Wine: whether you like it or not.

Don't cut the cheese I love weird food. Cheese isn't particularly weird, but having only that for a meal is pretty unconventional. Yet about once a month, my wife and I hit the cheese counter at Larry's or Whole Foods for about five different exotic cheeses and a pat鮠We start with a mild cheese like Gruy貥, then move up in flavor intensity and texture from there. The cheese dudes will always let you sample, so you won't be buying blind. Best of all, you only need a couple ounces of each cheese. It's an incredible meal, especially matched with . . . Champagne: what worthy people treat themselves to Those of you who've honed your gag reflex on Cook's or Andre probably think all sparkling wine sucks. It doesn't. In fact, it's my favorite type of wine. Yes, champagne is wine. And the good ones are absolutely sublime. Take the 1996 Argyle Brut ($18), for example. It's got classic aromas of toast and wild yeast, plus delicious citrus flavors that cut right through fatty foods—cheese being one of them. Be a grown-up and try a good champagne. Dear Dennis, What do you think of Leonetti Cabernet? I get turned on just seeing this wine. CATHY, MADISON PARK Dear Cathy, Are you sure you didn't mean to send this e-mail to Dan Savage? I'm ambivalent about Leonetti Cabs. On one hand, they're usually excellent: concentrated, dense, and built for aging. On the other hand, they're almost never available to anyone who isn't on Leonetti's precious mailing list. And the price: Yow! e-mail :

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