SIFF News, Week Two

A galaxy of stars?

GALA, SCHMALA. If you're wondering about SIFF's opening night bash, the American premiere of Love's Labour's Lost, and so forth, we'll sketch it for you in a nutshell: Alicia Silverstone wore a silky peacock blue pant suit. In reference to both her movie and the vegan pizza she ordered at Caf順lora, she squealed, "It's awesome!" in her best Valley Girl. Mayor Paul Schell stumbled through SIFF's truly awful slogan. ("Life is looking up"—who's the ad genius who came up with that one?) SIFF director Darryl Macdonald grandly promised we'd "learn more about the course of human endeavor." (Memo to Macdonald: Why not learn more about slogan writing instead?) The film itself went down fairly well with a largely older crowd, while some younger viewers were observed to leave early. An exodus of cin顳tes then marched through the rain to Pacific Place, where the most novel aspect of the soir饠was being able to window shop and ride the escalators with a drink in your hand. Why can't we do that every day? (On a culinary note, it should also be mentioned that the duck tamales were universally avoided.) Alicia herself was not on hand (having retired directly to her hotel room), nor were any legitimate celebs observed in the so-called VIP area—which was mainly clogged with marketing VPs from various SIFF sponsors. 26th ANNUAL SEATTLE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

May 18-June 11 But that's in the past. In SIFF's second week we can look forward to noteworthy films such as Seattle director Gregg Lachow's premiere of Silence! (with live stage accompaniment); Herod's Law; Where a Good Man Goes; Le Grand Blanc de Lambar鮩; Amargosa; Just, Melvin; Cosy Dens; and The Little Thief. (See our main SIFF page for further recommendations and details.) Celeb-wise, there are documentary subjects Jack Elliott and Tobias Schneerbaum, I'll Take You There director/actress Adrienne Shelley, Janice Beard 45 WPM star Eileen Walsh, plus a host of directors expected to introduce their films and answer your questions.

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