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I bet I could guess your age based on how much you're willing to pay for a show. When you're old, you just want to get out of the damn house; you'll pay anything. When you're young, you just want to see music; you'll pay anything. When I was 16, a ticket price wasn't even a factor in my decision to go to a show. I was so excited just to put on my shit-kickers and dive off some stages, the only thing I cared about was whether I got the best ticket or the best place in line for a ticket so I wouldn't have to work so hard getting to the front. I was one of those jackasses who would set up a tent outside a ticket location that "no one knew about" three days ahead of time, only to wake up the day of the sale to a sign saying, "Lottery." Lottery means everyone takes a number, and it's up to the music gods to smile on you. For my three days of sleeping on concrete outside of a Payless Drug Store I was rewarded with No. 231 out of 250 tickets. The show was sold out by the time they hit No. 7. The next time, however, I showed up with 20 of my closest friends only to be the one who drew No. 2. Now I have 19 people handing me wads of cash and leaving me in line while they go get breakfast. The point is, money didn't matter. The show did. And the show I went to was Lollapalooza. Turns out they sold about 50,000 tickets to this show. I could have drawn No. 4 million and gotten in. Though once I did get in I had a rare discovery. On the second stage, a little-known band played in front of about 100 of us while the other 49,900 people enjoyed George Clinton. I had never heard of Stereolab before, but seeing a band of this insane quality was a treat. They announced to the crowd they were playing in Seattle at Moe, so I went there the next night. Turned out to be a bar. Turned out to be a bar that could spot a fake ID. Turned out to be a bar that took away your fake ID. The important thing is, the cover was like $6. I stood in line with 20 friends I didn't really like just to

pay $50 to drive three hours to see a band I could have found for $6 and a short walk (if my ID was working that night). I have since bought everything Stereolab ever made and haven't paid $50 for any live event except Neil Diamond tickets. They have a new CD, The First of the Microbe Hunters (Elektra). You should check it out. Stereolab, that is, not Neil Diamond.

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