Amazon's endless summer?

Amazon warehouse folk have the summer off—and then what? The mystery "reconfiguration" of the 90,000-square-foot Seattle warehouse is getting little more than a confirming nod from our unbookish pals up the hill, though Seattle Weekly's sources have hinted before that these jobs are tagged for a one-way trip out of town. Understanding that rumor and speculation run rife at times like these, we'd like to suggest a few ways that local Amazon warehouse workers can while away the time as they wait for management to quit screwing with their heads.

Book: Gig (John Bowe et al., Crown, 588pp.) This collection of first-person essays from all around the American workforce—an updated version of Studs Terkel's landmark Working—has plenty of nifty ideas for the underemployed. That Wal-Mart greeter gig actually sounds kind of neat.

Music: Endless Summer Legends (Platinum Disc Corp., 1999, various artists) Look, you can't just lay around and stress about this thing. If Dick Dale can't put you in a better frame of mind while you wait this out, give the virtual finger to Human Resources with the Fantastic Baggy's "Tell 'Em I'm Surfin'." As well you should be.

Movie: Dangerous Jobs (National Geographic, 1998, VHS) The fellow on the cover is putting out what appears to be an out-of-control fire. The analogy is left as an exercise for the reader—after all, you've got the time.

Web site: See the Bad Job Experiences link? Wouldn't your anonymous tale of woe fit in well there? Look around, then let 'er rip. You'll feel so much better—and don't forget to send us a copy!

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