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I've been asked several times if I DJ weddings. I've always said no. In fact, I've always been shocked that I was even asked. Last year, though, I tied the knot myself. While planning this monumental event, it occurred to me that not only did I need to find a DJ, but I had to find an incredible DJ. A lot of music industry-type people would be attending and I had a certain reputation to uphold—at least in my mind. Anyone who respects music even a little wouldn't settle for Chuck the Wedding DJ who spins New Country and nothing else. I certainly couldn't ask my coworkers at KCMU to do it. In the end, I popped five CDs into the player and pressed shuffle; my best man did the talking and the groom took care of the heavy drinking. Anyway, people continue to ask me to DJ their wedding, and something still holds me back. I need the cash, I love the free drinks, and dammit, I look good all dressed up. But it's as if there's an unwritten law against cross-pollinating DJs. You don't find many club turntablists spinning on the radio (except on KCMU, of course), or radio DJs spinning at raves, or DJs-for-hire doing anything that doesn't require playing "When a Man Loves a Woman." I have thought of breaking out, but I don't know how to scratch anything but my fat ass, and as far as doing weddings, I don't think I could handle being told to play Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You." If I left the booth for anything, it'd probably be to play clubs, and the man I would want to emulate would be DJ Krush from Japan. His new mix CD, Code 4109 (Red Ink), mixes countless songs from various electronic artists while maintaining his own incredible sense of style. As good as he might be on the decks, I dare Krush to try doing The Morning Show for a week—or to play a wedding.

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