1. Best candidate for mayor

Greg Nickels

2. Best-dressed public official

Gary Locke

3. Best activist/hell-raiser

Charlie Chong

4. Best municipal scandal



Ballot Results

Best of Seattle, 2000


1. Best candidate for mayor

Greg Nickels

2. Best-dressed public official

Gary Locke

3. Best activist/hell-raiser

Charlie Chong

4. Best municipal scandal


5. Best off-leash area

Marymoor Park

6. Best nude beach

"There is one?"

7. Best historical building

Smith Tower

8. Best jogging route

Green Lake

9. Best affordable neighborhood


10. Best unaffordable neighborhood

Queen Anne

11. Best Seattle pro athlete

Gary Payton

12. Best amateur Seattle sports team

UW women's softball

13. Best downtown all-day parking deal

Metro bus

14. Best radio traffic reports

KIRO 710

15.a) Best TV weather reports (station)


15.b) Best TV weather reports (person)

Steve Pool, KOMO-4

16. Best place for pick-up basketball

Green Lake

17. Best place to propose to your significant other

Space Needle

18. Best place to rent space for your dot-com startup

Pioneer Square


19. Best live-music club


20. Best dance-music night

Re-bar "Queer Disco" (Thurs.)

21. Best place to rent an obscure foreign film

Scarecrow Video

22. Best movie theater lobby to wait in

Harvard Exit

23. Best intermission people-watching

Paramount Theater

24. Best pre-show valet parking

5th Avenue Theater

25. Best all-ages club

"There are none left."

26. Best place to bump into a Chihuly

Benaroya Hall

27. Best TV news theme music


28. Best place to heckle slam poets

OK Hotel

29. Best place to sit in Benaroya Hall

Prime Orchestra

30. Best karaoke

Sunset Bowl

31. Best bowling alley

Sunset Bowl

32. Best mini-golf

Interbay Family Golf Center

33. Best museum

Seattle Art Museum

34. Best gallery

Greg Kucera Gallery

35. Best dot-com to buy your tickets online


36. Best new restaurant


37. Best nonsmoking bar

Virginia Inn

38. Best burger

Red Mill

39. Best pot stickers

Snappy Dragon

40. Best waitstaff

Metropolitan Grill

41. Best restaurant table decorations

Icon Grill

42. Best pizza


43. Best barista banter


44. Best burritos

Taco Del Mar

45. Best coffee joint to bring your laptop


46. Best place to expect a huge tip if you're a waiter


47. Best neighborhood Italian joint


48. Best grocery store salad bar


49. Best tofu dishes

Bamboo Garden

50. Best place to order five-star spicy food

Tup Tim Thai

51. Best corporate cafeteria


52. Best bartender

Ben Dougherty, Zig Zag Caf鼯B>

53. Best dot-com food delivery service


54. Best in-person travel agency

Doug Fox Travel

55. Best independent shoe store

Woolly Mammoth

56. Best grocery store checkout line


57. Best aerobics instructor

Trisha Murphy, Pumakicks Conditioning Club

58. Best car detailing

Elephant Car Wash

59. Best diaper service

Baby Diaper Service

60. Best place to buy power tools

Home Depot

61. Best department store sales staff


62. Best place to get a keg

Red Hook Ale Brewery

63. Best place to gear up for climbing Rainier


64. Best tattoo/piercing parlor

Slave to the Needle

65. Best place to buy vinyl records

Cellophane Square

66. Best antique store

Pelayo Antiques

67. Best place to buy eyeglasses

Market Optical

68. Best pet grooming

Kristi's Grooming Co.

69. Best high-end computer store for your dot-com startup


70. (BONUS) Best idea for becoming a dot-com billionaire

See *



Meet Jeffrey Smith! He's won a getaway for two to Vancouver, BC!

Q: Where are you from?

A: "I'm from Bellevue, born in Seattle."

Q: What do you do for a living?

A: Dishwasher

Q: Hobbies?

A: Reading, dog walking, and music

Q: Who will you take to Vancouver?

A: "I'll be taking my life partner, Jacqueline."

Q: What'll you do in Canada, eh?

A: "I'll be relaxing and walking in BC. Thanks!"


Michael Harkovitch! You've won a dinner for two at the NEW Wild Ginger!

Q: Where are you from?

A: Fairbanks, Alaska

Q: What to you do?

A: Library assistant for Seattle Public Library; "However, I am an aspiring librarian. (Subject to change at a moment's notice.)"

Q: What's your favorite dinner spot?

A: "Currently, it's Bamboo Garden."

Q: Any final words?

A: "Wow, this is so cool! Thanks a lot!"


Christie Overland! You've won a fabulous Seattle Weekly T-shirt!

Q: Where are you from originally?

A: Seattle

Q: What do you do?

A: Merchandising

Q: What will you do with your T-shirt?

A: "Wear it."

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