Spotted outside of: Cellophane Square, 130 Broadway East, 329-2202

Name: Michael

Age: 21

Where do you live? "Capitol Hill and Cleveland and Columbus"

Huh? "I'm spending the summer here. It's too hot in the Midwest."

What do you do? "I have a graphic design job here and I'm a student at Ohio State."

Whadchagit? "Can, Cannibalism I. It's '70s Krautrock. This is like a compilation album."

What other Krautrock bands are you into? "Early Kraftwerk, Faust."

What's the scene like in Columbus? "It's a punk scene, bands like New Bomb Turks."

Are you into any local music here in Seattle? "Yeah, I like Modest Mouse and Plastiq Phantom."

What other music do you like? "Seventies Miles Davis, avant-garde electronic and classical music, and this band Oval, which sounds like a skipping record to a lot of people."

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