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The No No's new release, Tinnitus, could become your late-summer indie-rock theme music. Vocals that wail, chunky guitar licks, and the catchiest lyrics this side of Olympia are just some of the reasons I'm spending my August with the No No's. Not only is it perfect from start to finish, but it's incredibly radio friendly. That means John's job is easier at six in the morning. Anything that helps me pull my head out of my ass and makes me sound like I know what I'm doing at that hour, I consider to be radio friendly. The first time I played the CD on the air, I mispronounced the title. I said "Tinn-e-ous" and "Te-en-ti-us." Not only did many listeners in the medical profession call to correct me and inform me that I'm an idiot, once they told me the definition of the word, I realized I suffered from the thing I hadn't been able to pronounce. Tinnitus is a sensation of sound, such as ringing in the ears. I not only suffer from some serious ringing but I notice I've been saying "What?" to just about anything yelled at me. I decided it was time to figure out why this was happening. But first I had to turn down the music in the booth. I added up the time that I had music in my ears in one week's time, and estimated that I spend 40 or 50 hours a week with music pumping into my brain. Between listening to my show (when I don't suck), reviewing CDs, cruising Aurora cranking the Makers, and listening to my downloads of Korn and Ricky Martin, I listen to music more than I sleep. Not to mention that I have music playing when I sleep. But I don't sleep much; I have to get up early and play the No No's.

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