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One of the finest bands in the Pacific Northwest, 764-Hero have a new album, Weekends Of Sound (Up), which you may have read about in last week's Weekly. Listening to it over and over again, I seem to find even more emotion and power inside every song. I can't recommend it enough. From start to finish it's a testament to their growth as a band. However, I'm not the best source on their live performance. I've only seen them once, and I don't remember much. They opened up for Rex and the Sea and Cake at Moe a few years back. At the time, I had never heard of 764-Hero, but I was so excited by the other two bands on the bill I showed up early with cash in my pocket and a thirst to be quenched. By 10pm the thirst was quenched, 764-Hero was almost through with their set, and I was trying to convince the bouncer that my shoe had slipped off my foot and fell on stage. Thank God they were only a duo then; if they'd had a third member in those days, he might have been killed by my discarded footwear. Dejected, I stumbled to the IHOP down the street and ate two or three plates of pancakes and headed out the door without paying, still holding my snappy IHOP coffee cup in my hand. I then proceeded to spread my love down Broadway, drinking at four or five more establishments and discarding my mug through the front window of a parked car. I finished my drunken tour of Capitol Hill by throwing up my side of bacon on a homeless man and finally passed out in a Port-O-John only to be woken up by a couple of transvestites who not only stole my wallet but my remaining shoe as well. My girlfriend had to pick me up and drive me home. She broke up with me the next day. I don't blame her though. I blame 764-Hero. Bastards.

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