The Gnome's had about all he can take, so listen up: All you people who call KCMU and request MC 900 Ft. Jesus, stop it


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The Gnome's had about all he can take, so listen up: All you people who call KCMU and request MC 900 Ft. Jesus, stop it for chrissakes! That shit's stale, and it's outdated, and what if a wearisome traveler visiting our city switches on the radio in his Rent-a-Buick and hears Mark Griffin warbling through some half-baked rap over a Casio-cheap beat and thinks we're all stuck in 1991? If you're into MC 900 Ft. Jesus, visit a record store and buy his albums, then play 'em in your apartment, flat, or duplex, preferably with the door closed. Thank you.

On to happier topics, such as the dispensing of big, free glasses of Maker's Mark (and condoms, and ear plugs, and Labatt's) at the Bad JuJu Lounge's one-year anniversary last Thursday. All Seattle hipsters—and wanna-bes—love the Briefs, and now the Gnome knows why. Although the Bad JuJu's PA made the boys sound like they had marbles in their mouths and fine-knit blankets over their amplifiers, they spirited their way through a half hour of Ramones-y punk played with a Buzzcocks accent and, well, fuck the comparisons; the Briefs aren't doing anything new, they're just having fun doing IT. Especially when there's free Maker's!

In case you haven't heard, local all-ages booker Kate Becker had her house scorched recently by some asshole arsonist, hence the series of benefits on her behalf. The latest attracted a full-house crowd to the Sunset, where attendees were treated to a set by the AC/DC cover gals Hell's Belles (which the Gnome missed, dammit, and had to hear about how massive it was), followed by "surprise" guests from the Makers—who noodled around between bands—and finally the Kwabs, a Kinks tribute band.

Other occasions that brought out the kids last week (courtesy of Gnome gnotifiers): Hell's Belles frontwoman Om threw a birthday bash at Chef Wang's Saturday, capping off the vittles with a Lava Lounge groovefest (led by the Weekly's own DJ Kerri). Another name to add to the Sub Pop ex-employee pile is Matt Olsen, who finished his stay at the label with a karaoke shindig at Queen Anne hangout Ozzie's. Members of Love as Laughter, the Shins, 764-Hero, and the Melody Unit were in the house, and the Murder City Devils' Spencer Moody dazzled with an illicit version of "Private Dancer." (Meanwhile, one of the original Sub Pop castaways, Nils Bernstein, took a break from his duties as head of publicity at Matador to visit his old stomping grounds; on another note, IQU are rumored to have signed with Matador.) On 764-Hero's own special night, Saturday at the Sit & Spin, a packed crowd helped the trio celebrate the unleashing of their album Weekends of Sound, including local notables Kevin Willis, Arlie Carstens of Juno, and Mike Squires, just back from shooting a Harvey Danger video in LA, which stars Ione Skye. Remember her? You betcha! *

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