Dance picks

Pacific Northwest Ballet—William Forsythe's astringent In the middle, somewhat elevated, new to the company last year, will return (11/9-18), along with the Balanchine revival La Valse (11/9-18). The company takes on a bigger challenge in 2001 with a production of Marius Petipa's Sleeping Beauty (February). Along with Swan Lake, Beauty is considered an exemplar of the classical style with many opportunities to showcase pure ballet technique. Balanchine returns in the spring, with performances of Chaconne (March) and Violin Concerto (April). After their popular contributions to PNB's anniversary season two years ago, Kevin O'Day (April) and Val Caniparoli (May-June) have both been invited back to make new works. Seattle Center, Opera House, 292-ARTS.

King County Arts Commission—They're continuing their matchmaker work for local arts presenters, with a roster that includes dance and movement performances by M-Pact and Sonya Boothroyd/TURF (10/14), Lelavision and Thomas Arthur (10/28), and Rockhopper Dance (11/18) this autumn at venues around the county. Call for locations, times, and tickets: 296-7580.

UW World Dance series—World dance influences by Noche Flamenca (11/16-18), modern dance by Sydney Dance Company (10/26-28), and world again with Bal順olcl�o de Bahia (12/8-9). Get your tickets early for two local artists made very, very good who close the season: Merce Cunningham Dance Company (4/26-28) and Mark Morris Dance Group (5/17-19). UW campus, Meany Hall, 543-4880.

On the Boards—Dance offerings this season come from Belgium, British Columbia, and a few places in between, but the fall brings Wim Vandekeybus and his company Ultima Vez in a new, high-energy work for men with a score by David Byrne (10/19-22). 100 W Roy, Behnke Center for Contemporary Performance, 217-9888.

Seattle Theater Group—Better known as the presenters for the Paramount and Moore theaters, they are offering a rich variety of dance events this year. Between their dance, musical theater, and an "Emerging Works" series, they've got venerable mime Marcel Marceau (10/10-15), controversial San Francisco choreographer Joe Goode with his Performance Group (10/20-21), the Seattle premier of local dance theater group 33 Fainting Spell's "September, September" (11/10-11), and the "Popaction" choreography of Elizabeth Streb (12/7-10). The Paramount/Moore Theaters, 398-1784.


Festival culture is thriving here with Cirque du Broadway, including dance curated by Dance on Capitol Hill (9/16-17, 325-6697); workshops, lectures, and performances at the International Butoh Festival (11/2-12, 526-5756), and the Odunde Festival featuring the Adefua African Music and Dance Company (11/25-26, 722-6602).

On the do-it-yourself front, several local companies are presenting their own work this autumn, writing their own press releases as well as running their own rehearsals. Olympic Ballet Theater is celebrating artistic directors John and Helen Wilkins' 20th anniversary (10/6-7, 425-774-7570); Marie Chong's ARC Dance works in pointe shoes and bare feet (10/21-22, 352-0798); KT Niehoff takes time away from building a performing space to dancing in it with KT/Dance (11/4-5, 325-8773); and Next Stage Dance Theatre presents work for older dancers (11/17-18, 217-9888).

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