What's In and What's Out for 2001



Keith Richards hair

Those damn Curious George haircuts all the emo kids have

Pippi Longstocking hair

Those damn Sleater-Kinney haircuts all the indie-rock chicks have



Ghetto tech


Bands with two members

Bands with six-plus members

The White Stripes

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead

Bands with "the" in their name

Bands with more than five words in their name

Tribute bands

Cover bands

Listening to MP3s on your cell phone

Cell phones that play songs instead of ring

Recording onto PCs

Recording onto 4-tracks

Indie-rock songs as Gap jingles

Indie-rock songs as Volkswagen jingles

Soundscapes by rock bands

Soundscapes by electronic/dance artists

Songwriting by electronic/dance artists

Songwriting by rock bands

Drooling over the drummer

Drooling over the lead singer

Rock bands with onstage sequencers

Rock bands with onstage DJs

Scotch, Budweiser, Red Bull

Apple martinis, Rolling Rock, Cosmopolitans

Karaoke (duh)

Poetry slams/open mic night

Using dive bars for all-ages shows

Closing dive bars for condos/retail

Weezer's return

Bands mimicking Weezer

Chris Walla

Dave Fridmann

Merle Haggard

Johnny Cash

Radiohead's next album

Kid A


"Who Let the Dogs Out"

Burning CDs

Mix tapes

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