SPOTTED OUTSIDE OF: Tower Records, 4321 University NE, 632-1187

NAME: Kyle Conran

AGE: 33

WHAT DO YOU DO? I build houses and work on cars.

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Out by Sands Point.

WHADCHAGIT? The Cult, Electric. I realized a while ago that it was missing from my CD collection. I think one of my old roommates took off with it; I've been meaning to get another copy for a while now.

HOW WOULD YOU CHARACTERIZE YOUR MUSICAL TASTES? Well, I pretty much listen to the same stuff I listened to when I was in college. Which was, like, '87 through '92, I guess.

LIKE WHAT? Well, the Cult, Jane's Addiction, Mudhoney, Soundgarden, Nirvana, Alice in Chains.

SO YOU HAVEN'T FOUND ANYTHING YOU CAN GET INTO SINCE THE EARLY '90S? Pretty much. It all sounds watered down or ripped off these days, like that Creed crap. And I'm not sick of the old stuff yet, so I just keep listening to it.


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