Mudhoney at the Off Ramp, OutKast, Quasi, ATDI/MCD antics, whew!

Some of you must be salivating over the thought of seeing Mudhoney at Graceland this Saturday, hoping to trigger fuzzy-'n'-warm memories of the good ol' days of grunge at the Off Ramp. While the Gnome fully admits that the band is nearing institution status and maturing with age like an '86 Bordeaux, let this crusty correspondent be the first to say: Whoa there, fella! Maybe Mudhoney's playing this show for the hometown posse (and winding up a six-date mini-tour of the West), but it seems more likely that they're prepping for a 10-day jaunt through Brazil in early February. For those of you with lineup cards, note that Matt Lukin won't be making the trip; replacing him as the bassist in Brazil will be Steve Dukich of the late Steel Wool. One last Mudhoney note: The band's recorded a new track, "Inside Job," that will lead off the compilation Wayne Kramer Presents: Beyond Cyberpunk!, to be released March 27. Also on board for the punk-appreciation disc are Richard Hell, Stan Ridgway, Pere Ubu, and original Stooge Ron Asheton.

This just in: The great OutKast have announced a six-week tour that will hit nearly every city in the United States—except Seattle! Do Greensboro, N.C., Denver, and Albuquerque bump more than Seattle? Apparently so.

This also just in: The ultragreat Quasi have signed to Touch and Go. The P-Town duo have already begun preliminary recording, so expect a debut on the Chicago label—already home to area notables Silkworm and Red Stars Theory—later this year. And that's pretty damn cool.

A Gnome Gnotifier overheard a recent interview with At the Drive-In drummer Tony Hajjar, who was recounting the final night of ATDI's nine-week tour with the Murder City Devils late last year. At a show in Ireland, Hajjar lent his drums to Devils pummeler Coady Willis, only to watch as Spencer Moody broke the bass drumhead during an inspired bit of flailing. Tony patched the thing together for ATDI's headlining set, but it no longer had any tension; when ATDI singer Cedric Bixler went into his rock-star pose atop the bass drum, the poor instrument gave way and caved in. No hard feelings, though. Hajjar had this to say about his former tourmates in the Devils: "We love those guys. They're probably our best friends in bands. We miss them."

Awwww. You betcha!

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