SPOTTED OUTSIDE OF: Wall of Sound, 2237 Second, 441-9880

NAME: Gina

AGE: 29

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? San Francisco

WHAT DO YOU DO? I'm a Web designer/programmer, and starting at the end of January, I have a monthly DJ gig with my boyfriend and another friend at the Beauty Bar in San Francisco.

WHAT'S IT CALLED AND WHAT DO YOU SPIN? The night will be called 'Hot Hair Care' and we will be spinning electro, techno, euro-synthy trashy '80s, and sounds from the modern take on new wave. Stop by if you're in town—it's the last Sunday of every month.

WHADCHAGIT? All vinyl: The Legendary Pink Dots, Martin Denny, Exotica Volume II, and two copies of a Baby Mammoth single—one for me and one for my boyfriend.

DO YOU HAVE A HOLY GRAIL? A record you've been searching for for a long time? I have so many holy grails, too many to mention!

WHO ARE SOME OF YOUR FAVORITES? Wunder, Farben a.k.a. Gramm, Kraftwerk, Brian Eno.


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