News Clips— Needle Exchange

Is Carla, the pink-haired potential home wrecker on Fox's Temptation Island, engaging in a bit of identity theft? How else to explain the tie-in with local rock chick Heather Madden, who pulls double duty on bass with wildly popular all-girl AC/DC cover band Hell's Belles and punk outfit Hafacat? Carla, billed on the show as a punk rock bassist from Seattle, told Steve Migliore and Andy Savage of 107.7 The End that she has moved to Los Angeles and started two bands. One is called the Chubbies, and the other—surprise, surprise—is an all-girl AC/DC cover band. Carla even sent along a Chubbies demo tape, which Migliore reports sounds suspiciously like Hafacat. Confidential to Heather: Check your bank balances!

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