News Clips— Upside and Downside

1. Sonics coach Nate McMillan looks like a basketball genius for suspending snarly star guard Gary Payton; his team responded with a five-game winning streak.

1. Pity the Seattle Seahawks: Baltimore Ravens Sam Adams and Michael McCrary are the two latest ex-Hawks with championship rings: Is the first step on the road to the Super Bowl the one out of Seattle?

2. County Council member Rob McKenna must love his newfound popularity; he has reportedly made the US Attorney shortlist and is being wooed by Republicans as a possible challenger to County Exec Ron Sims.

2. Taxi cab drivers are crushed: Mayor Paul Schell's latest transportation proposals neglect Hizzoner's past call for cab scrip in favor of bus-only lanes, synchronized traffic lights, and monorails.

3. West Seattle shoppers take heart: City Council member Jim Compton may reverse his earlier decision and support a city parking garage to serve businesses in the Admiral District.

3. State Republican Party Chairman Don Benton got fired, perhaps because he canned his staff, changed the locks on party headquarters, hoarded money intended for campaigns, bought a new headquarters building without telling anyone, and filed a crime report fingering a national party official.

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