SPOTTED OUTSIDE OF: Tower Records, 500 Mercer, 283-4456

NAME: Amanda Shock

AGE: 36

WHAT DO YOU DO? I'm a painter and a performance artist.

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? When I'm in Seattle, I live on Lake Union, but I live in California half the year too.

WHADCHAGIT? It's called Brainwave Music. There are three discs, one for delta sleep, one for alpha relaxation, and one for theta meditation. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson designed them; a friend of mine told me about them. The sleep disc is supposed to work quite nicely.

IS IT ACTUALLY MUSIC THEN? From what I understand, there are some instruments and some soothing noise. The idea is not to have an actual song—that would be distracting—but just tones and sounds that help you achieve a deep state of relaxing sleep.

DO YOU HAVE SLEEP PROBLEMS? Oh, yes, I have horrible insomnia. I never get enough sleep!

WHAT KIND OF MUSIC DO YOU LISTEN TO? I like the New Age stuff and world music. I like Enya, Krishna Das, Paco de Lucia. I really like Celtic; Clannad are a great group.

DOES THAT STUFF EVER HELP YOU FALL ASLEEP? No, not at all. It gets me going; it keeps me awake.


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