News Clips— Needle Exchange

IF YOU'RE CONVINCED pro football's biggest weakness is that it isn't loud enough, then the XFL is right up your alley. This louder-is-better format also explains why former Seahawks Defensive Coordinator Rusty Tillman is coaching the New York/New Jersey Hitmen: In a league in which the overboosted audio makes every hit sound like a world-class collision, Tillman's famous sideline tirades make him the new Vince Lombardi. Throw in some former NFL dudes on the decline (ex- Seahawks Antonio Edwards and Mike Barber), some ex-collegiates who thought they'd be good enough for the senior circuit (onetime Huskies Jason Chorak and Rashaan Shehee), and cheerleaders wearing bikinis and floor-length leather coats, and that's entertainment. Sorry, tough guys, last weekend's closest game was still settled by a 170-pound field-goal kicker. Wimps!

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