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Pink-slip king Jeff Bezos earned raves from The Economist, which claims has turned the corner toward profitability. Hey, what are 1,300 layoffs among friends?

Say it ain't so, Charlie Chong! After a 1999 City Council loss to rocket scientist Heidi Wills, Chong now wants to reprise his 1997 mayoral blowout at the hands of Paul Schell. That's one experience we aren't looking to repeat.

He may look like a chimpanzee, but President George W. Bush is making monkeys out of his DC rivals: Cabinet nominees John Ashcroft and Gale Norton earned Senate approval as the Beltway's 1,000-pound gorilla charmed House Democrats at their weekend retreat.

Just two days after finishing a prison term, Gilbert Dugaqua was back in handcuffs after robbing a bank, then fleeing in a cab. Maybe he didn't know what to do with all that free time.

Seahawks owner Paul Allen's new stadium is rising right on schedule—you just can't beat that combination of private sector know-how and taxpayer money, huh?

Printer's Devil Theatre put on the stiff upper lip when their co-artistic directors and their major funder bailed last week. A press release claims the refugees are "excited about the evolution of the company"—do you suppose they're confusing "evolution" and "extinction"?

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