SPOTTED OUTSIDE OF: Cellophane Square, 130 Broadway E, 329-2202

NAME: Sarah Lippek and her friend Anna Marie Murano

AGE: 23

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? Up on Capitol Hill.

WHAT DO YOU DO? I'm an HIV test counselor.

WHADCHAGIT? Kittie, Spit.

WHY KITTIE? Because they're like 16 and they look hot and they rock!

SO YOU'RE INTO METAL? Sarah: Yeah, I discovered that Minneapolis, and the Midwest in general, has this really strong metal scene. Anna Marie: Maybe it's because there are so many Republicans.

WHO ELSE ARE YOU LISTENING TO? Sarah: Nuisance Crew is pretty badass, and this other band . . . what's their name? . . . I thought it was the name of some kind of disorder. Anna Marie: Bipolar. Sarah: No, not Bipolar. I don't know.


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