News Clips— Standouts/Screwups



Residents of downtown's Morrison Hotel could see their quality of life rise; their lousy landlord, the Seattle Housing Authority, has been advised to relinquish control of the troubled low-income residence.

City Attorney Mark Sidran has dropped charges against some 77 protesters arrested during demonstrations on the WTO's first anniversary. Hey! That guy's soft on crime!

Even though their final mailer was delivered days after the election, Seattle school levy supporters notched two wins at the polls; perhaps they'll celebrate with a trip to Campaign School.

He's a tough guy here on earth, but County Exec Ron Sims had better watch out for lightning bolts from above as he takes on the Catholic Church over limits on the size of new suburban church buildings.

Congrats to Lisa Haynes of Des Moines, who scored the $50,000 top prize in Themestream's "Live Your Passion" sweepstakes. Hayes plans to use the money to buy "wonderful books," put her kid through college, travel, and purchase "fluffy bath towels." Passion, apparently, takes unusual forms.

Mukilteo residents must be hating life: An appeals court stopped them from blocking off vehicular entry to St. Andrews Drive, thus allowing all manner of riffraff to motor on their exclusive streets."

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