News Clips— Success/Failure



Mark Sidran is making friends at The Seattle Times, where a recent editorial revealed him as the front-runner for the paper's mayoral endorsement. Hey, this early endorsement strategy worked four years ago—for Paul Schell.

The REI co-op announced a rare loss, $11.4 million in 2000. Perhaps those stylish quilted jackets are slipping out of vogue.

Canadian mass murderers will be crowding the border checkpoints, as Canada's high court has refused to extradite a pair of young murder suspects unless the United States forgoes the death penalty. Expect "Kill Your Parents" resorts to spring up along the border.

Lovers of suburban architecture are lamenting a complex land-swap proposal to squelch a proposed development in sight of Snoqualmie Falls. Instead of luxury executive homes, the land will be used to grow grass and trees.

Moles are living large: It turns out that Washington state's anti-trapping initiative does prevent homeowners from routing these pests, despite campaign claims to the contrary. You just can't trust animal lovers.

Slade Gorton lost out on the coveted solicitor general gig. Now his Republican Senate cronies want the ex-politico to take his compassionate approach to federal appeals court.

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