SPOTTED OUTSIDE OF: Easy Street Records, 4559 California SW, 938-EASY.

NAME: Giggles

AGE: 32

WHERE DO YOU LIVE? I'm from Chicago. I'm here visiting friends.

WHAT DO YOU DO? I cut hair.

WHADCHAGIT? I got the new Le Tigre EP, the soundtrack for Taxi Driver, and Jennifer Lopez, On the 6.

IF YOU HAD TO CHOOSE BETWEEN LISTENING TO KATHLEEN HANNA OR JENNIFER LOPEZ, WHO WOULD YOU PICK? I'd have to pick Kathleen, but if you asked me who I'd rather hang out with, it would have to be J. Lo.

WHO ARE YOUR ALL-TIME FAVORITES? Patti Smith, PJ Harvey— although I'm not too sure about her now that she's touring with U2—and Flora Purim.

ARE YOU GOING TO CATCH ANY SHOWS WHILE YOU'RE IN SEATTLE? Yeah, we saw the Donnas at Graceland last week. They were great.

WHO'S YOUR FAVORITE DONNA? Donna F, because she's a BBW.


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