News Clips— Soaring/Diving



County Council member Kent Pullen seeks credit in heaven by nixing limits on the size of suburban churches; his charge that the rules constitute religious discrimination are denied by County Executive (and ordained Baptist minister) Ron Sims.

The Washington Education Association stopped just short of "un-endorsing" Governor Gary Locke over his unwillingness to grant raises to all teachers; the powerful teachers union is considering petitioning the Legislature for a "do-over" of the 2000 gubernatorial election.

Eastside Democrats take heart: Party leaders think sportscaster Tony Ventrella could be just the candidate to depose Republican Jennifer Dunn in the 8th Congressional District (or, as Tony calls it, "the Big Eight").

Salmon everywhere are nervous over the prospect of former state Senator Dan McDonald taking over as the regional federal fisheries administrator; the conservative Republican was a longtime proponent of pruning environmental regulations.

Non-parents hoping to maintain their status are cheered by pending legislation requiring health insurance companies to cover women's contraceptive costs; condom manufacturers are expected to mount a fierce opposition campaign.

Ferry riders are stewing about a proposal to boost car ferry rates by 20 percent and to more than double passenger-only fares—this insignificant increase was brought to you by Tim Eyman and Initiative 695.

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