SMAT Answers

Answers to seattle Music Aptitude Test:

SECTION ONE—Multiple Choice

1. B, 2. C, 3. C, 4. C, 5. D, 6. C, 7. D, 8. B, 9. C, 10. D

SECTION TWO—True or False

11. True. Duff McKagen, GNR bassist and the pride of Roosevelt High School, played drums on the first Fastbacks single.

12. True.

13. True. And they got signed.

14. False. Although, this very rumor was spread by jealous rivals.

15. False. The Martsch-less band released the CD Actual Reenactment in 1994.

16. True.

17. True. Metal Church's Craig Wells played guitar on his forgettable 1987 remake of "Iron Man."

18. False. Although Smear and the other three band members are pictured on the CD cover, the music was largely a one-man studio creation by singer-instrumentalist Dave Grohl.

19. False. The band's first single features the tracks "Song No. 8" and "Song No. 9."

20. False. That was later in their career. After self-releasing two EPs and an album, they were signed as the token punk band on metal label Combat Records.

SECTION THREE—Multiple Choice

21. B, 22. C, 23. C, 24. A, 25. D, 26. C, 27. B, 28. D, 29. C, 30. B, 31. A, 32. D, 33. D, 34. B, 35. B, 36. C, 37. D, 38. D, 39. B, 40. B

SECTION FOUR—True or False

41. True. The alternate title for the song was "How I Spent My Summer Vacation."

42. True. Although the rerelease of this CD was entitled Shut the Fuck Up.

43. False. After Nirvana gained national fame with Nevermind, fans made their 1989 Sub Pop debut Bleach the label's first and only platinum seller.

44. True. The group's management prohibited them from playing club gigs until a major label contract had been signed. (The headliner at their debut gig: Ronnie James Dio.)

45. True. The two popsters played on the first Sky Cries Mary album Until the Grinders Cease.

46. False. Turner and Arm were both original members of Green River, but Turner also played briefly in Arm's band Mr. Epp and the Calculations.

47. True.

48. True. The stoned-looking hippie couple pictured in a "found" photograph spotted the record and threatened to sue.

49. True. The band nixed the cymbals because their absence makes it easier for live audiences to make out the lyrics of songs.

50. True. They have released five CDs under the name Chris and Carla.


51. E, 52. A, 53. B, 54. C, 55. D, 56. D, 57. A, 58. E, 59. C, 60. B, 61. A, 62. C, 63. D, 64. B, 65. E, 66. E, 67. D, 68. A, 69. B, 70. C

SECTION SIX—Multiple Choice

71. B, 72. C, 73. D, 74. C, 75. D, 76. C, 77. A, 78. A, 79. A, 80. D, 81. C, 82. B, 83. A, 84. D, 85. A, 86. B, 87. B, 88. A, 89. C, 90. C, 91. B, 92. A, 93. D, 94. B, 95. C


96. True.

97. False.

98. False. But some of the band's members drove taxis.

99. True.

100. False. She sold their Denny Blaine neighborhood home to a young couple several years ago.


86 or more correct: Brilliance is its own reward.

76-85: Quit your job and go to work for a record label. If you already work at a record label, quit that job and start your own label.

61-75: Get a white undershirt and a black felt-tip marker and make yourself an ultrachic DIY shirt that says, "I scored moderately well on Seattle Weekly's music quiz, and all I got was this stupid T-shirt."

36-60: Rent Hype. Read Loser. Try again next year.

16-35: Bring your Creed CDs to a used record store. If the clerk gives you any money for them, put it towards something by Soundgarden.

15 or less: Go back to California. Do not pass Go, do not wait for your dot-com to lay you off, do not collect $200.

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