Seattle Music Aptitude Test

This test mainly covers the mid 1980s to the present. It is divided into seven sections, consisting of multiple choice, true and false, and matching questions. The answers appear on the page following the last question. You can also access answers on our Web site, Please, no cheating. Use pencil, pen, or alternative writing instrument. Give yourself one point for each correct answer. Good luck!

SECTION ONE—Multiple Choice (10 questions)

1. Which band featured the phrase "Visualize Tacoma" on the back of their T-shirt?

(A) Sun City Girls

(B) Seaweed

(C) Dead Moon

(D) Girl Trouble

2. In his song "Viva Sea-Tac," Robyn Hitchcock sings that Seattle has the best:

(A) Salmon, steaks, and coffee

(B) Computers, weather, and cocaine

(C) Computers, coffee, and smack

(D) Music, baseball, and seafood

3. Mark Arm's birth name was:

(A) Fielding Mellish

(B) Mark Armstrong

(C) Mark McLaughlin

(D) Marvin Ambromowicz

4. Rusty Willoughby was in which two bands?

(A) Flop and Afghan Whigs

(B) Flop and Murder City Devils

(C) Flop and Pure Joy

(D) Screaming Trees and the Fastbacks

5. Which of the following bands did NOT appear at 1991's International Pop Convention in Olympia?

(A) Pastels

(B) Bikini Kill

(C) Spinanes

(D) Galaxie 500

6. Which of the following acts did NOT move to Seattle from Arizona?

(A) Supersuckers

(B) Gerald Collier

(C) Alice in Chains

(D) Sun City Girls

7. Which of the following was NOT the title of an Up Records compilation?

(A) Up in Orbit

(B) Stacked Up

(C) Up Next

(D) Up Up and Away

8. Which band played opening night at the Crocodile?

(A) Mudhoney

(B) The Posies

(C) Nirvana

(D) Young Fresh Fellows

9. This artist's 1997 appearance at Bumbershoot caused a mini-riot when fans were shut out of a packed Memorial Stadium, leading to the use of wristbands for future stadium shows:

(A) Sugar Ray

(B) Sheryl Crow

(C) Beck

(D) Blues Traveler

10. Which of the following musicians did NOT appear in the 1992 film Singles?

(A) Tad Doyle

(B) Eddie Vedder

(C) Chris Cornell

(D) Dave Grohl

SECTION TWO—True or False (10 questions)

11. (T or F) The Fastbacks, famous for having many different drummers, were once backed on skins by a member of Guns N' Roses.

12. (T or F) Two of the best-known bands to come out of Olympia, Beat Happening and Sleater-Kinney, have no bass player.

13. (T or F) Bremerton teen punk rockers MxPx auditioned for record company executives in their garage.

14. (T or F) The members of early '90s hit-makers Candlebox were transplants who moved to Seattle to cash in on the grunge phenomena.

15. (T or F) The band Treepeople split up when guitarist Doug Marsch quit to form Built to Spill.

16. (T or F) Alice in Chains' 1994 release Jar of Flies was the first EP to top the Billboard album charts.

17. (T or F) Rapper Sir Mix-A-Lot attempted to emulate the metal-rap synthesis of the Run DMC/Aerosmith hit "Walk This Way" with his own collaboration with Metal Church.

18. (T or F) Pat Smear's adventurous guitar licks are the highlight of the first Foo Fighters CD.

19. (T or F) Sunny Day Real Estate first drew attention with their clever song titles.

20. (T or F) The Accused signed their first recording contract as the token punk band on local rap label Nastymix.

SECTION THREE—Multiple Choice (20 questions)

21. When Nirvana appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone, Kurt Cobain wore a T-shirt that read:

(A) Corporate Rock Still Sucks

(B) Corporate Magazines Still Suck

(C) Pearl Jam Sucks

(D) I * NY

22. The longest running jungle night in Seattle, Pressure, takes place weekly at which club?

(A) Re-bar

(B) Art Bar

(C) The Mercury


23. Kurt Cobain frequently misspelled his name this way:

(A) Kurt Kobane

(B) Curt Kobain

(C) Kurdt Kobain

(D) Kurtt Kobain

24. Kurt Cobain contributed background music for a spoken word album by which of the following artists?

(A) William S. Burroughs

(B) Slim Moon

(C) Henry Rollins

(D) Thurston Moore

25. Which band once featured Shirley Temple's daughter on drums?

(A) Alice in Chains

(B) Bikini Kill

(C) The Melvins

(D) Built to Spill

26. Which was the first Portland band to release a full-length album on Sub Pop?

(A) Pond

(B) Hazel

(C) Sprinkler

(D) The Spinanes

27. Which was the first non-Seattle band to sign an album deal with Sub Pop?

(A) The Fluid

(B) Afghan Whigs

(C) Scud Mountain Boys

(D) Thornetta Davis

28. Before Quasi signed with Up Records, Sam Coomes played in all of the following bands except:

(A) Heatmiser

(B) Donner Party

(C) Motorgoat

(D) Motorhead

29. Unwound most often get compared to this band:

(A) Black Flag

(B) The Meat Puppets

(C) Sonic Youth

(D) The Beatles

30. Influential Seattle dance station KNHC-FM, better known as C-89, is operated and run by:

(A) Seattle Pacific University

(B) Nathan Hale High School

(C) Ballard Eagles Lodge

(D) Roosevelt High School

31. The host of KCMU's Morning Show is:

(A) John Richards

(B) Riz Rollins

(C) Richard Johnson

(D) Pat Cashman

32. What's the name of KCMU's Sunday night hip-hop show?

(A) Street Beatz

(B) Street Life

(C) In the House

(D) Street Sounds

33. Former KNDD DJ Marco Collins is widely credited with breaking this band and song:

(A) Silkworm, "Never Met a Man I Didn't Like"

(B) Nirvana, "Love Buzz"

(C) Soundgarden, "Black Hole Sun"

(D) Harvey Danger, "Flagpole Sitta"

34. DJ Donald Glaude is signed to which well-known dance music label?

(A) Ubiquity

(B) Moonshine

(C) Ninja Tune

(D) Astralwerks

35. Before going to work for Experience Music Project, Candace Pedersen co-owned which record label?

(A) Kill Rock Stars

(B) K

(C) Up

(D) Die Young Stay Pretty

36. Sleater-Kinney's first two records, Sleater-Kinney and Call the Doctor, were released on what label?

(A) Kill Rock Stars

(B) K

(C) Chainsaw

(D) Lookout!

37. The subject of this Beat Happening song was "dark, sweet, and bitter":

(A) "Easter Bunny"

(B) "Hot Chocolate Boy"

(C) "Cookie Puss"

(D) "Fudgie the Whale"

38. Complete the following Bikini Kill song title, "Suck my ____ one":

(A) Right

(B) Small

(C) Big

(D) Left

39. What Smiths song did Doug Martsch's former band, Treepeople, cover?

(A) "Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others"

(B) "Bigmouth Strikes Again"

(C) "Hand in Glove"

(D) "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want"

40. The title of Neko Case's paean to her hometown of Tacoma is:

(A) "Viva Tacoma"

(B) "Thrice All-American"

(C) "Tacoma My Homa"

(D) "I'm from There"

SECTION FOUR—True or False (10 questions)

41. (T or F) Thrash metal band Forced Entry had to retitle their popular song "Get Fucked Up" on their CD As Above, So Below to avoid retailer complaints.

42. (T or F) Bellingham's Mono Men once released an instrumental-only album entitled Shut Up.

43. (T or F) The Sub Pop label has never produced a platinum album (1 million records sold).

44. (T or F) Metal band Queensrche played their first concert at Seattle's Paramount Theater.

45. (T or F) The lineup of Sky Cries Mary once included Posies Ken Stringfellow and Jon Auer.

46. (T or F) When Steve Turner and Mark Arm formed Mudhoney, it was the second time they had played in the same band.

47. (T or F) Soundgarden's 1994 CD Superunknown debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard album chart.

48. (T or F) Tad's second album 8-Way Santa had to be pulled from the market due to controversial cover art.

49. (T or F) Jason Finn, the drummer for the Presidents of the United States of America, plays a drum kit without cymbals.

50. (T or F) Walkabouts singers Chris Eckman and Carla Torgerson also perform as an acoustic duo.

SECTION FIVE—Matching (20 questions)

Match the album with the affiliated producer:

51. Mudhoney, Superfuzz Bigmuff

52. Soundgarden, Badmotorfinger

53. Screaming Trees, Invisible Lantern

54. Modest Mouse, The Lonesome Crowded West

55. Sleater-Kinney, Dig Me Out

(A) Terry Date

(B) Steve Fisk

(C) Calvin Johnson

(D) John Goodmanson

(E) Jack Endino

Match the bands that share members:

56. Modest Mouse

57. Hell's Belles

58. Cadallaca

59. The Briefs

60. Gardener

(A) Hafacat

(B) Seaweed

(C) The Spits

(D) Red Stars Theory

(E) The Crabs

Match the following current clubs with their old names:

61. DV8

62. I-Spy


64. Graceland

65. EGO

(A) Oz

(B) Off Ramp

(C) Weathered Wall

(D) Moe's Mo Rockin' Caf鍊

(E) Spintron

Match the band with their original hometown:

66. Nirvana

67. Screaming Trees

68. Modest Mouse

69. IQU

70. Silkworm

(A) Issaquah

(B) Olympia

(C) Missoula

(D) Ellensburg

(E) Aberdeen

SECTION SIX—Multiple Choice (20 questions)

71. According to the Supersuckers, who is "The 19th Most Powerful Woman in Rock"?

(A) Susan Silver

(B) Julianne Anderson

(C) Susie Tennent

(D) Kim Warnick

72. Carrie Akre's former bands include Goodness and . . .

(A) Love Battery

(B) Sad Happy

(C) Hammerbox

(D) The Sockettes

73. Mia Zapata's murder led to the foundation of which organization?


(B) Seattle Human Rights

(C) Night Watch

(D) Home Alive

74. Silkworm guitarist Andy Cohen once filled in as touring guitarist for which superstar British act?

(A) Oasis

(B) The Spice Girls

(C) Bush

(D) The Rolling Stones

75. Which of the following acts did NOT move to Seattle from Bellingham?

(A) Death Cab for Cutie

(B) Five Gears in Reverse

(C) The Revolutionary Hydra

(D) The Vogue

76. Which two musicians appeared on Beck's One Foot in the Grave?

(A) John Atkins and James Bertram

(B) Doug Martsch and Scott Schmaljohn

(C) Sam Jayne and James Bertram

(D) Kurt Bloch and Lulu Gargiulo

77. According to Megan Jasper's "Lexicon of Grunge," a "Cob Nobbler" is:

(A) A loser

(B) Someone who loves corn dogs

(C) A frequent masturbator

(D) A girl from the suburbs

78. Sub Pop co-founder Bruce Pavitt was one of the original owners of which local record store?

(A) Fallout

(B) Orpheum

(C) Sonic Boom

(D) Singles Going Steady

79. Before playing in Hole, Live Through This-era drummer Patty Schemel was in what band?

(A) Kill Sybil

(B) Babes in Toyland

(C) Seven Year Bitch

(D) Bikini Kill

80. In the grunge documentary Hype, design guru Art Chantry revels that this term was coined in the Northwest:

(A) Reverb

(B) Flying saucers

(C) Hide the salami

(D) Meathead

81. What was MTV's most-requested video in 1991?

(A) Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"

(B) Pearl Jam's "Evenflow"

(C) Queensrche's "Silent Lucidity"

(D) Temple of the Dog's "Hunger Strike"

82. What band was the last to be featured on the cover of The Rocket?

(A) Death Cab for Cutie

(B) Waxwing

(C) Juno

(D) Sleater-Kinney

83. Chris Cornell played what instrument at Soundgarden's inception?

(A) Drums

(B) Bass

(C) Guitar

(D) Keyboard

84. How many drummers have the Fastbacks had?

(A) 1

(B) 2-5

(C) 6-10

(D) More than 10

85. Which former MTV VJ is a UW graduate?

(A) Kevin Seal

(B) Pauly Shore

(C) Kennedy

(D) Jesse Camp

86. The cast of MTV's The Real World regularly used this unlikely form of public transportation during their Seattle stay, prompting laughter among knowing locals:

(A) Monorail

(B) Trolley

(C) Handsome cab

(D) Gondola

87. Which of the following is the name of a Posies album?

(A) Almost Famous

(B) Dear 23

(C) Fantastic Failure

(D) Amazed and Disgraced

88. Which of the following is the name of an Unwound album?

(A) The Future of What

(B) Repetitive Stress Disorder

(C) Unwinding—The Best of Unwound

(D) Yielding to a Civilized Society

89. During their first few years, the band Sunny Day Real Estate refused to play where?

(A) Oregon

(B) Arizona

(C) California

(D) Cincinnati

90. Which local label was the first to release an EP by the up-and-coming Modesto, Calif., band Grandaddy?

(A) Sub Pop

(B) Barsuk

(C) Will

(D) Up

91. Which local label was the first to release a CD by the SoCal band Queens of the Stone Age?

(A) C/Z

(B) Loosegroove

(C) Tooth and Nail

(D) Made in Mexico

92. Pedro the Lion's lead singer is:

(A) David Bazan

(B) Damien Jurado

(C) Ben Gibbard

(D) David Brown

93. John Atkins of 764-Hero was previously in which band?

(A) Foo Fighters

(B) Alien Crime Syndicate

(C) Hovercraft

(D) Hush Harbor

94. Wellwater Conspiracy features members of which two bands?

(A) Monster Magnet and the Presidents of the USA

(B) Monster Magnet and Pearl Jam

(C) Pearl Jam and the Presidents of the USA

(D) Pearl Jam and Built to Spill

95. The Showbox's defunct, once-popular dance night, Electrolush, took place every:

(A) Monday

(B) Friday

(C) Saturday

(D) Wednesday

SECTION SEVEN—True or False (5 questions)

96. (T or F) Seattle Weekly once printed a cover story titled "Is Grunge Too White?"

97. (T or F) The Stranger fired former Music Editor Everett True after learning he was a bigamist.

98. (T or F) Members of Silkworm started a Capitol Hill ricksha service in the mid '90s.

99. (T or F) Paul Allen's original plan for Experience Music Project was a museum dedicated to Jimi Hendrix.

100. (T or F) Courtney Love turned the house where she and Kurt Cobain lived into a museum dedicated to her ex-husband's life.

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