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Of the never-ending parade of goofy Web sites that make the rounds, my favorites are always the "real" ones. While plenty of ingenious sites are based on elaborate conceits, nothing beats the thrill of encountering truly eccentric characters whose lives have been so greatly enriched by the miracle of the electronic soapbox—the personal home page. The Internet luminary of the moment is Randy Constan, a divorced 47-year-old man from Tampa who has created a site ( detailing his devotion to both Peter Pan and the Lord. It's rife with stunning pictures of the bowl cut-coiffed Randy in his homemade fairy outfits, but the meat of the site is found in his words. By following all of his links, we learn that he is the son of a man "who could carve a good likeness of your head out of a bar of soap in minutes"; grew up with "feminine preferences" (NOT GAY!); got messed up on acid; was healed of asthma just by visiting Cinderella's castle at Disney World; and can't make it through an episode of Touched by an Angel without crying. If someone wearing a Peter Pan getup were to sit next to you on the bus and relate this information, you'd be frightened. Thanks to the gloriously impersonal nature of desktop computers, we can learn all about a person like Randy without trepidation. Now that we're better acquainted, though, I'd consider it a blessing to be able to chat a while with the Eternal Boy. And I hope he finds his Tinkerbell too.—Paul Fontana

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