News Clips— Needle Exchange

Facing a first-round NCAA Tournament matchup with the Old Dominion Lady Monarchs, the Washington Husky women's basketball team is officially looking for some bulletin board material. And with the help of hometown journalist Harry Minium's story in the (Norfolk) Virginian-Pilot, we're going to help them get mad (so they can get even on Friday).

The article says: When the NCAA game was announced, the Lady Monarchs' biggest cheer was for its location—Gainesville, Fla. "Pack the suntan lotion," shouted several players. We say: They're overconfident! Also, have assistant coaches shadow the Lady Monarchs at area beaches to compile a Girls Gone Wild-style blackmail video.

The article says: "I like our bracket," says Coach Wendy Larry. We say: They're looking past the Huskies! Hey, Wendy, you'll be watching the second round games on DirecTV.

The article says: "I saw highlights of some [Washington] games late at night," says Monarch Tiffany Thompson, "but didn't pay much attention." We say: These Virginians just won't give us the respect we deserve! The Lady Monarchs are going down, baby!


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