News Clips— Pass/Fail



It's a bull market for auto shoppers as the dot-com paper millionaires come down to earth—there's never been a better time to buy a used Ferrari.

Alaska Airlines needs a planeload of public relations spinmeisters as federal investigators keep turning up evidence that the air carrier's planes weren't held to proper inspection standards; it's enough to make you ride Amtrak—almost.

Loggers love the Bush Administration's suspension of logging restrictions in national forests; on the downside, supplies of tourist-friendly chain-saw art could dwindle, and the salary scale at the Forks McDonald's could rise above minimum wage.

Republican precinct officers want state Sen. Pam Roach on the King County Council, but her would-be colleagues insist that she quit her Olympia post. Curiously enough, Roach has always held a second job—as an aide to County Council member Kent Pullen.

The city of Medina will be a half-million bucks richer after Microsoft President Jon Shirley pays up for multiple violations to his residential building plan; who'd have ever figured his modest 23,000-square-foot home (featuring an art gallery, swimming pool, and two garages) could cause such a commotion?

Smokers are fuming over Washington legislators' plan to emulate California by banning smoking in restaurants—if you liked the earthquakes and the energy crisis, you'll flip for this latest import.

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