News Clips— High/Low



Edgar Martinez is now the highest-paid Mariner, due to his two-year, $17-million contract extension. Alex who?

KING TV's John Curley is in hot water with parks officials for trying to cook chicken in a Yellowstone National Park geyser; to make matters worse, the guy who ate the chicken contracted salmonella.

Cameron Crowe surprised Academy Awards attendees by grabbing the best original screenplay Oscar for his Almost Famous, making this the first such honor for a movie without a plot.

His 15 minutes of fame for creating the Magnuson Park monolith wasn't enough for Caleb Schaber—now the artist wants to run for mayor of Seattle. Where's Mike the Mover when you need him?

West Seattle businessman Marc Gartin is the hero of the day for financing a parking garage for Admiral district shoppers after the city dropped the ball on the project. Rumor has it city officials are now trying to convince Gartin to fund the aquarium reconstruction.

The University of Washington's Poetry Program is smarting over the news that would-be philanthropic angel Ravi Desai is a hoaxster; leave it to the poetry kids to find the only dot-commer without stock options.

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