News Clips— Needle Exchange

As Seattle was the last to know about Boeing's plan to move its corporate headquarters, it stands to reason that we can learn a thing or two from coverage in the three cities contending to snag the jet giant (Chicago, Dallas, and Denver).

Paul O'Connor of World Business Chicago is hyped at the prospect. The relocation "would be an unbelievable strong signal to the world about Chicago," he told The Chicago Tribune. Actually, much of the world has already heard about Chicago, but thanks for gushing.

If nothing else, we're getting a little sympathy down south. Texas State Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson told The Dallas Morning News: "You always have some feelings for those who are losing a major corporation, but we are very willing to host them in the Dallas area." Thanks for caring, Eddie B., but couldn't you have sent a fruit basket or something?

Only Denver's newspapers seemed doubtful about their chances, and for good reason—Colorado officials have long balked at tax breaks for big business.


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